My new family

Amanda is a regular girl who gets bullied a lot and her parents don't care for her much. One day she meets a girl named Lottie and they become best friends but little does she know that Lottie has a very famous brother. When Lottie and Amanda stay with Louis she has the time of her life but when she comes home a tragic accident happens. What will happen? Where will she go? Follow Amanda in her life With One Direction!!


1. Moving to Doncaster

I woke up hearing my alarm clock of What Makes You Beautiful play. terriable day of school awaits. If I didn't say I just moved to Doncaster England because my dad got a new job. today is my second day of school and so far I got bullied a lot. I have no friends and everyone makes fun of me. Oh and I didn't introduce myself I am Amanda Kramer and I am 15 years old. I am not the skinniest but I am not fat. I have long brown hair and I am pretty short. I got out of bed and took a 30 minute long shower. I put minimal makeup on and my uniform for this British school. I grabbed my bag and started walking to the bus stop. I got on the bus and walked to the back and sat by myself

    While I was walking to the back of the bus people were calling me names and throwing things at me. When I got to my seat I immediately took out my iPod and listened to One Direction they always make me feel better and for once beautiful.

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