one direction imagines

These are imagines I wrote
Don't be rude,I just started
Comment if you want me to write
You one
Say which boy from 1D
what will happen
And your name
Eye color


3. Sage and louis

There was a girl named Sage.She is a dancer on The x factor.She was best firends with everyone there. But she was real close with one person. His name is Louis tomlinson. Sage and louis were best friends. One day louis had realize that he had a crush on her. Louis pov Right now,I need to talk to harry because I need to talk to him about this. With harry "Hey harry, I need to talk to you" "Ok what do you want to talk about?" "About Sage" "Ohh does lou-lou have a little cwushy whushy on the Sage."he said while pinching my cheeks "Noo its more than a cwushy whushy" " ok what do you like about her?" "I like her long straight brown hair and the way she talks. She is perfect." " lou I honestly think you should ask her out? " "I am today since we are going to see each other!" "Great idea and do you want me and tje boys to be there for support?" "Noo I mean I want it to be just me and her." "Ok so me and the boys are going to get everyone out of the room but not Sage ok." "Ok" Sage pov At the studio I like louis. I like the way he makes me laugh a lot. I like the way hes sings. He is perfect I heard the door open. I saw louis. Good thing I'm with everyone in a room. But harry is telling everyone to leave the room but me. I am so scared because louis is not even leaving. Harry left also and shut the door so the peop in there are louis and me. louis started talking He said "So I bet your wondering why harry did that?" I nodded He said "Sage I need to talk to you." oh no what is he going to say He started talking again He said "Um i-i was-s wondering if you will um Go out with me?" I wanted to scream so badly.I couldnt stop smiling at all. I said "Yes.a millon times yes!" We both smile. We were leaning towards eachother. Our lips were 1 inch away. Louis leaned in and our lips touch. I felt fireworks.I was so happy. ……………………………… That was for @Sage_brandie Sounds like a cute couple to me!
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