one direction imagines

These are imagines I wrote
Don't be rude,I just started
Comment if you want me to write
You one
Say which boy from 1D
what will happen
And your name
Eye color


6. Niall and Bree

Niall and Bree have been marry for 6 months now. Bree is pregnant and its Nialls baby. One day Bree was screaming in pain. Niall picked her up and took her to the car. Niall was freaking out. Nialls pov Ok I am so scared because Bree is screaming. We arrived at the hospital.I screamed "CAN WE GET SOME HELP HERE?" they came as quick as they can they know she is pregnant. They put her in a room.they ran some tested on her to see if the Baby is ok. They said "Mr.Horan come meet your son." I was crying once I saw him. he looked exactly like me. He had Bree's eyes. His name is Jacob Horan. 2 years later Brees pov Its been 2 years since I had Jacob. He is now 2 years old. He is amazing just like Niall. Me and Jacob and niall went to the park. Jacob stand up on his own. Me and niall were so happy and He move his left leg before his right leg. And made his first step. Me and niall were so happy. ……………… This is for @hazzasboo
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