one direction imagines

These are imagines I wrote
Don't be rude,I just started
Comment if you want me to write
You one
Say which boy from 1D
what will happen
And your name
Eye color


4. Niall and ashley

Niall and Ashley were dating for 3 months now. Niall loved Ashley so much but Ashley thought something else.Niall went to a club with harry.Ashleys Brother harry.Niall came home during midnight.Ashley was asleep. Niall changed clothes and went to bed. The next morning Ashley's pov Once I woke up I saw arms around me. I turned my head it was niall. I tried to get up but niall kept on pulling me down. I finally get up without waking up Niall. I went to make breakfast for me and niall. Once I was done eating. I went to the leaving room To watch tv. I saw this label that said "Niall Horan with the Irish Model named Zoe Welan one a date." Niall woke up.once I saw him,I changed the channel. He said "Good morning babe.what you Watching?" "Nothing" "Ohh well I am hungry." "There's food on the stove." I am trying to keep my anger inside Next thing I know I started to scream At him I said "I HATE YOU!!! " "Why" "BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHEATER.DO YOU KNOW WHY,BECAUSE YOU KISSED A MODEL NAMED WELAN YESTERDAY WHEN YOU AND HARRY WAS AT THE CLUB!!!" "NO DIDNT SHE KISSED ME FIRST." "AND YOU KISSED BACK RIGHT. YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE YOU!!" I headed for the door. Niall put his hand on my hand he said "Where are you going? " "To Harry's house! Anymore questions?" He didn't say anything. he looked sad and went to his room. I left and I was crying too. I drove to Harry's. Once I got there.I ran to the door and knocked. Harry opened the door He asked me why I crying. I just went for a hug.he understand why I Didn't answer. Once I could talk I told him about Niall and Zoe and what happened. I stayed there until I can get my own money for a house. I was in high school. so its hard.with school And work. Nialls pov I don't know why I kissed back? I hate myself right now. Ill talk to her at school. At school I looked for her.saw her at her locker. I tried talking to her but she ingored me. the whole day. Ashley's pov I found out I had a softball game today. I am scared.I texted harry that I have a softball game Today.he said he is coming and I accidently Texted niall He is coming. At the softball game I see harry in the crowd I also see niall My team won the first match The other teame won the second match Because I kept thinking about niall. Our team won the last game. Once we were done ,niall walked to me and said "Heyy can we talk?" "Yea sure,what do you to talk about?" "I just want to say I am sorry I didn't mean to kiss her,I was crazy.I didn't Know what to do." I smiled "Look niall I love still I never stopped. I was just mad beca- He kissed me I said "That was a nice way to tell me to be quiet." He laughed and said "what do you say if I kissed you?" I said "Just kiss me you leprechaun!" He smiled He leaned in our lips was 1 inches away from eachother He lean in Our lips touch I felt fireworks I missed him so much. …………………………… This is for @Niallover2013, Cute couple
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