one direction imagines

These are imagines I wrote
Don't be rude,I just started
Comment if you want me to write
You one
Say which boy from 1D
what will happen
And your name
Eye color


2. Louis and Eleanor

Louis and Eleanor were best friends ever since they were young,Louis loved a Eleanor like a sister. But Eleanor had a crush on Louis Louis was at his moms house. Louis pov Ok I was singing,helping my mom cooked dinner. My sisters was upstairs,in their rooms. my mom started to talk.she said "I think you should audition for the X Factor." "Why?" "Because you have a awesome voice.I don't see was You shouldn't." "The thing is I do not want to leave Eleanor. She's my best friend." "Yea sure your 'best friend', just talk to her. See what she says." "Alright I'll talk to her." After dinner I went to Eleanors house
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