one direction imagines

These are imagines I wrote
Don't be rude,I just started
Comment if you want me to write
You one
Say which boy from 1D
what will happen
And your name
Eye color


5. Alison and zayn

Alison horan is Niall horan's sister.they tell eachother everything but One thing,is that Alison had a crush on Zayn,nialls friend, Ever since the first time she layed her eyes on him. Niall told Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn that they can't go put with know protected brother Alisons pov Okay,I am trying to not freak out,but niall Told me that his friends are coming.I never met Them,I only saw pictures of them,I have to admit they are like the cutest thing Ever.I had to get ready So I change into some jeans and a shirt I heard the doorbell ring,niall called my name. So I walked downstairs,Once I got downstairs. I met a boy with curly hair and geen eyes. "Hi my name is harry styles." "Hii my name is Alison." I went to the next boy.he had brown hair and brown eyes. "Hii my name is liam payne. " hii I am Ailson" I went to the next boy.he had brown hair and blue eyes. "HII ALISON MY NAME IS LOUIS TOMMO TOMLINSON." HE SCREAMED "I GUESS YOU KNOW MY NAME! " I SCREAMED BACK I went to the last boy.he had black hair and hazel eyes.he was so cute. "Hii my name is Zayn.your name is Alison right?" "Yea"I couldn't stop looking at his eyes. "can we talk outside Zayn?" "Sure" We went outside Zayn pov I think I am in love with Alison. I wonder what she needs to talk to me about. "So what do you need to talk to me about?" "Um I just want you to know. That I really like you More than a friend." Oh my god did she really just say that. "Um I like you too but more than a friend." "So" "So what would you do if I kissed you right now?" "Just kiss me Bradford boy." Once he kissed me.I felt fireworks.I love This boy ………………… this is for Alycat121,awesome couple
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