Falling For The Enemy

Hi, I'm Bailey Malik. Yes Zayn Malik's sister, but before you start screaming and fangirling I have a small problem. Ok so maybe falling for your brother's biggest enemy isn't so small but hey. Who am I in love with? Well if you've been on twitter or you know not living under a rock, you would know that One Direction and The Wanted don't exactly get along. Now lets answer that question of yours. The one I fell in love with, out of 7 billion people on this earth, is Tom Parker.


2. Chapter Two


After Emily and I got done shopping we headed back to my house. "I'm not sure if they are still here or not." I tell her, while we were shopping I had told her about the fight between Tom and Zayn and how Tom asked if we were dating. "Thats ok I wanna meet this Tom guy." Emily replies smirking. "Shut up.'' I playfully punch her arm. She pulls into my driveway and we get out. "Brace yourself." I whisper. She nods and I swing the door open. "I'm home.'' I say, Emily nudges me. "Oh, and this followed me home, can we keep her?" I ask like a four year old batting my eyes at Zayn who was still placed on the couch. Emily smacks me as the boys and I laugh.  "Hey girls.'' Zayn chukkles. "I'm hungry." Emily nudges. "Why dosen't that supprise me?" I joke. Emily shrugs and I notice Tom staring at my again, and Niall staring at Emily. "Come on.'' I say to Emily, who is staring at Tom. I grab Emily's hand and drag her into the kitchion. "Oh my gosh, did you see him staring at you?" Emily whisper yells. ''Shh, yes I did.'' I respond. "Well what are you going to do? She asks. "Nothing, I can't date my brothers enemy.'' I say.  "Well do you like him?" She pushes. "Emily I don't even know him.'' I yell. "Uh oh.'' Emily sings. "Who don't you know?" Zayn asks from the living room. "Errr, some guy from the mall.'' I shrug returing to the living room. "Oh really?" Liam asks. "Yes really.'' I say. Liam sees right thorugh all my lies. "What did this guy look like?" Zayn asks. "Its not that important." I say. "Well I want to know whos hitting on my sister so if i ever see them I can hit them." Zayn looks at me. I sigh. "I don't know he had redish brown hair, brown eyes and dark tan like skin.'' I said trying to sound beliveable. ''Alrtighty then, do you think he's still there?" Zayn asks. "Maybe.'' I shrug. "Lets go boys." Zayn gets up off the couch. ''Where are you going?" I ask. "To find a person."" Zayn shrugs. "Zayn really?" I roll my eyes. "Yes really." He replies, the boys follow him out the door. "Oh and make sure our guests make it home alright.'' He motions to the others. "Whatever.'' I say. They leave and I turn to the others. "I think you guys should get going before he gets back." I say. They nod and file out. I sigh and sit on the couch thinking about what Zayns going to say when he dosen't find the boy. My toughts were interupted my the door opening. I look up. Tom is standing there by the window. "Hey um Bailey right?"

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