Falling For The Enemy

Hi, I'm Bailey Malik. Yes Zayn Malik's sister, but before you start screaming and fangirling I have a small problem. Ok so maybe falling for your brother's biggest enemy isn't so small but hey. Who am I in love with? Well if you've been on twitter or you know not living under a rock, you would know that One Direction and The Wanted don't exactly get along. Now lets answer that question of yours. The one I fell in love with, out of 7 billion people on this earth, is Tom Parker.


3. Chapter Three

Tom's POV 

As I walk out of her house I can't shake the feeling I should go back. ''Hey guys I think I left my phone on the coffee table'' I feel around in my pockets trying to be believable. "Ok we'll be in the car." The boys said exchanging looks. I nod and open back up the door and close it softly behind me. She looks up at me with her big Brown eyes. "Um, Bailey right?'' I ask. " Oh yeah that's sounds great act like you forget her name." I yell at myself. "Yeah." She smiles. I felt a smile creep on my face. "So what's up?'' I sit down beside her on the couch. "Well.." She hesitates. "Don't worry I won't tell your brother." I laugh. She giggles and starts over. "There isn't really a guy at the mall who hit on me, I made it all up." She shrugs. "So who where you two talking about?'' I ask. ''Who where we talking about in the kitchen?'' She asks. ''Yeah." I nod. "Er, we where kinda talking about....You." She mutters the last part. I smile to myself. "Why where you talking about me?'' I ask. She looks me in the eyes "Cause you where staring at me." She smirks. My cheeks felt hot, whoa, that never happens. "Well I think I should get going, their probably I waiting for me.'' I say. She nods. I get to the door and start opening it. "Wait!" She yells. I turn and she rushes to me. She pulls out a marker and grabs my wrist pulling up my sleeve. "Here." She finished and my sleeve down. I smile and walk out the door. "You where in there a while." Nathan jokes. "Shut up." I push him and pull up my sleeve. 502 657 3765 Bailey. She put a small heart next to her name. I slightly smile to myself. 

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