Falling For The Enemy

Hi, I'm Bailey Malik. Yes Zayn Malik's sister, but before you start screaming and fangirling I have a small problem. Ok so maybe falling for your brother's biggest enemy isn't so small but hey. Who am I in love with? Well if you've been on twitter or you know not living under a rock, you would know that One Direction and The Wanted don't exactly get along. Now lets answer that question of yours. The one I fell in love with, out of 7 billion people on this earth, is Tom Parker.


1. Chapter One

I wake up to yelling and arguing downstairs. I groan into my pillow and set up, straining to hear. "I'm not the one who started it!" I hear a voice yell. "Um yes you are." I hear my brother argue. My hearing dulls as I lose interest in the argument. I get up and take a shower, dress in my jean shorts, pink flowing tank top, and my favorite black converse. I brush out my long blond hair with red dip dyed tips. I put a little mascara on and grab my phone. 1 missed text.

E: Hey Bay-Bay wanna go to the mall?

B: Hey Emmy sure, I'd love to

E: Ok girl be there in five

B: I'll be ready


I open my door and soflty close it, I sneak down the hall to Zayn's room and walk to his closet to look through his hats till I found my favorite one. It's a red and black snapback with some kind of design on the front. I skip down the stairs into the living room where the boys sit facing four other boys whom I recognize as The Wanted. "Hey guys.'' I sit on the arm of the couch next to zayn. "Hey Bailey." They say together. I look over to the other famous boy band in the house. "Hi, I'm Bailey." I smile sweetly. "Bay, you don't have to be nice to them." Zayn glares. "Well maybe I don't want to be a hostile jerk like some people." I smirk and direct my attention back to the others. "Anyway what are you guys doing here today?" I ask. "Well Zayn and Tom had a little twitter fight and now their just bickering." One of them whom I know to be Nathen answers. "Yes I know that, I'm the one who had to hear about it for the longest time." I think. I feel someone staring at me and look in their direction. It was Tom. He's a little cute, ok so he's a lot cute. -HONK HONK- I hear Emily blowing her horn. "Welp, that's my cue, bye guys.'' I stand and walk to the door. "Bye Bailey love you." Zayn says. "Love you too." I reply. I walk out but stand close to the door. ''Are you dating her?" I hear Tom ask. "No, she's my sister." Zayn responds. "Oh'' Tom mutters. I smile satisfied that I got his attention. "What's with the creepy grin chica?" Emliy asks. "Oh, nothing." I smile.



So this is my new 1D/TW fanfic so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. <3

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