Falling For The Enemy

Hi, I'm Bailey Malik. Yes Zayn Malik's sister, but before you start screaming and fangirling I have a small problem. Ok so maybe falling for your brother's biggest enemy isn't so small but hey. Who am I in love with? Well if you've been on twitter or you know not living under a rock, you would know that One Direction and The Wanted don't exactly get along. Now lets answer that question of yours. The one I fell in love with, out of 7 billion people on this earth, is Tom Parker.


4. Chapter Four

Bailey's POV

After I heard their car drive off I squealed and jumped around the house. "Ok, I'm ok now, I'm ok." I say to myself. I skipped up to my room and flung myself on my bed. "Oh my gosh I can't believe I actually did that." I say to myself. My phone buzzes and I look at it.

Tom: Hey, would you like to come to the cinema with me?

Bailey: Sure Tom, I'd love to :)

Tom: Awesome I'll pick you up at 7:00

Bailey: OK, I'll be ready

Tom: OK :)

I smile and walk into my bathroom and start the shower. I let the warm water run over me relaxing my body. I step out and get dressed in black skinny jeans, a tight white T-Shirt, and white converse. I finish my make-up and hear the boys coming in. "Hey, so did you find him?" I ask walking down the stairs. "Sadly no, but if I ever see him he's going to pay." Zayn shakes his head serious. "Right." I look at Niall. "Hey Nialler, can I borrow your hat?" I bat my eyes. "Sure." He sighs. I smile and take the hat from his head putting it on mine. "Thanks lucky charms." I smile. I open the door. "Hey." Tom smiles. "Hey, looks like I opened the door just in time." I smile back and laugh. "Yeah." He chuckles. "Bailey, who's at the door?" Zayn asks from the kitchen. "Oh I'm going out with a friend." I tell him. "Ok" He walks into the living room. "Love ya." I wave. "Love you too." He waves back. I follow Tom to his car. "So what movie are we seeing?" I ask. "You'll see." He smiles and starts to drive.



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