Falling For The Enemy

Hi, I'm Bailey Malik. Yes Zayn Malik's sister, but before you start screaming and fangirling I have a small problem. Ok so maybe falling for your brother's biggest enemy isn't so small but hey. Who am I in love with? Well if you've been on twitter or you know not living under a rock, you would know that One Direction and The Wanted don't exactly get along. Now lets answer that question of yours. The one I fell in love with, out of 7 billion people on this earth, is Tom Parker.


5. Chapter Five

We get to the cinema. "Tom please tell me what we are seeing." I bat my eyes. He laughs. "We're here now love." He gets out and opens my door for me. "Thanks." I smile. He smiles back as we walk in. "Two tickets to Paranormal Activity 4 please." Tom says to the girl behind the counter. "Yeah...Of course." She looks Tom up and down before briefly glaring at me. "Here you are." She hands him the tickets. We walk to the theater and sit down in the very back. "I'm not going to get scared you know." I look at him smiling. He shrugs. "Maybe." He chuckles and puts his arm around me. I roll my eyes and sit back into the seat. The movie starts and everyone screams as the devil child pops up onto the big screen. Tom jumps a little in one part and I lean over to whisper in his ear. "Scared there Parker?" I joke. "Me scared, please." He shakes his head. The movie ends and everyone files out talking about how 'scary' the movie was. "Psh, yeah it was so scary the whole camera was shaking." I roll my eyes and hold out my hand shaking. "Haha, yeah maybe that's why they were all screaming." Tom laughs and takes my shaking hand from the air intertwining our fingers. "This was fun." I smile at him. "Yes it was, very much so." He nods smiling back. We get into his car and drive back to my house. "So I guess I'll talk to you later." I put my hand on the doorknob and the door opens. "Bailey?" The person asks. "Oh my god...." I whisper.



Ok so I know this chappy was short and boring but its like five in the morning so yeah. Anyways check out my latest mumble and I love you guys!

Love you to the moon and back <3

-Hayley Renee Bell

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