what is death really? is it just pitch blackness as some say? or is it that light at the end of the road which no one knows where it leads to? no ones knows the answer and the only ones that do no longer walk among us or do they.....


1. earth bound

I was once a regular girl and a naïve one at that. I believed everything everyone told me without suspicion. People often told me that was a good thing and that they envy me for it but who would’ve thought that being naïve would lead to my death…


I’m a earth bound spirit, my name is Daisy, right now I'm looking for my killer. My killer was nothing but a coward!! Only cowards attack from behind! This is a story about my search for him, but let’s go back to the day I died…..


The day started out like any other day. I woke up at my usual time, did my usual get ready routine, and headed towards school. I went to school hung out with the same groups of people, did the usual things. I guess the only abnormal thing about that day was that my boyfriend, Randon wasn't there. Thinking about it now, how did such a normal day go so terribly wrong?!


It started going wrong after school, when I was on my way to the public library after school. I was walking and listening to my favorite band, sleeping with sirens, until I saw something unusual. There was someone on the ground in the alley between the shopping center and library. I naively walked towards the person on the ground trying to see if the person was okay and uninjured, but things aren’t always as they seem I learned that the hard, by heard way I mean in death. I only remember the pain in the back of my head and the red that shadow my vision as I faded into the darkness.


 If I could go back to that moment I would’ve told myself to run and to run fast, but life isn’t fair and neither is death, I can’t go back to that moment, I can’t change the past, what happened has already happened there’s nothing I can do but accept it. I can’t change the past but I can change the future, even in death.


I remember waking up in a strange place with nothing but sad faces of people I knew, I saw my mother’s tear stricken face, my father pained painted face, and my little sister sobbing little figure over what seemed to be a open coffin. I tried to ask what was going on and I tried to ask who had died.  I tried to get everyone’s attention but no one seemed to notice me like I wasn't there. It wasn't until I walked over to my little sister, Emily, to tap her to see what was wrong, and saw for the first time what was in the coffin, there was a pale girl, with long jet black, lips as red as a cherry, I realized that I was the one in the coffin, I was the one who had died and that this was my funeral.


I backed away, shocked and scared. If I was dead wasn’t there suppose to be a bright light or pitch darkness and the feeling of numbness? I didn’t feel dead, I was here among my family and friends. Wasn't I supposed to be in heaven? Or was I in hell?  This has to be a dream I must be dreaming, there was no way I could be dead, I wasn't even 15 yet, I thought. I walked back to the coffin and saw my unmoving cold body, without a doubt that was me I looked the same the way I had this morning, well except I had cuts and busies running up my arms and legs. I wanted so much to believe that this was a dream but as I keep on looking at my body, I was forced to realize that this was reality and that I was no longer living.


I ran out on my own funeral not wanting to around my dead body anymore. I was no longer confused or sad about my death. I was now, furious, how could someone kill another human being! Who can be so cruel! Then I realized that I didn’t know who, I didn’t know who took my life, that just made me more mad. I ran to the police station.


When I got to the police station, it was chaos. Everyone running around some carrying files other making phone calls and other were just every where. What was going on? I haven’t seen the towns police station like this since well…I never seen the station look like this. I tried to be sneaking at first but then realized that no one could see me and that I was dead. So I gave up and just walking up to sheriff Tom, he was on the phone with someone, “I’m sorry Mr. Lopez, we don't have any leads about your daughters killer,” My god, he was talking to my father about the person who killed me. “I’m sorry for your lost, we are trying our best down here at the station.” Tom said into the phone to my father, my father said something I couldn’t quite hear but whatever he said made Mr. Tom flinch as he hung up the phone.

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