Wrong guy

I was happy it was my last year in high school i was happy, until the bad boy of the school started bothering me, he slept with all the girls, he was popular, and he was famous. He would do anything to get me to love him. But i hated him, i was the only one he hadn't slept with. He was a pig. i was never ever going to date him.


5. The dinner

Harry's P.O.V

   Stacey was sharing everything with me. Suddenly i realized i loved her. 

 "Dinner is ready," said Tita the Mexican maid as she was coming through the door. "Hola Nana!" Stacey shouted as she hugged her. "Nana is my mom, she loves me and i love her she helps me clean and everything," Stacey said proudly. "Is this Harry?" she asked. "Yes, he's my boyfriend i think," she smiled proudly so did i. "Didn't you say he was a player?" she asked. "I've changed Tita, i swear those days are over i will never hurt her," i declared proudly smiling at her. "Ok, but if you hurt her vas a ver," she announced. "What does that mean?" i asked. "You'll see," Stacey laughed. "I'm part Mexican my dad is half Mexican and my mom is from here," she commented as she walked down the stairs.  We sat next to each other. "Stacey don't slouch," her mom remarked. "I'll go help Tita," announced Stacey. "Stay here!" her mom almost shouted. "Harry, tell me about yourself," Stacey's mom declared. "Well I was born here, my birthday is on February 1st, and I like your daughter," i said. "As a friend or more than that?" she asked with a stern voice. Stacey looked at me and mouthed "friend". "Friends, we are just friends," i said. "Great because i know she is a slut so please keep it that way make sure she doesn't sleep with you," she gritted through her teeth. Stacey looked upset and uncomfortable she sat there with tears slowly falling. "Where's the bathroom?" i asked. "Down the hall near the kitchen," Stacey's mom replied. I got up from my seat and walked down the hall i passed the kitchen door, but i stopped "Tita you have to tell Stacey, you're her mom she's going to find out sooner or later, you can't have her living with that women torturing her with her cruel words," said a woman. "I can't, Peter is going to get mad at me, and Stacey won't be that rich," cried Tita. "Yes, she will because Peter is her dad and he has to pay child care i think, anyways just tell her she loves you," remarked the woman. "I'll tell her tomorow tonight i'll take her out for dinner," Tita declared. I walked to the bathroom. 

 "Goodbye Hazz," Stacey laughed as she gave me a hug. "Goodbye Stace," i smiled as she dropped me off. 

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