Wrong guy

I was happy it was my last year in high school i was happy, until the bad boy of the school started bothering me, he slept with all the girls, he was popular, and he was famous. He would do anything to get me to love him. But i hated him, i was the only one he hadn't slept with. He was a pig. i was never ever going to date him.


2. The date

Harry's P.O.V

 It's Friday and Niall is going out with my girl."Niall you knew she was mine," i said angrily at Niall. "You don't treat her right, she's beautiful and nice she can't be your next victim leave her alone she likes me not you," he said slamming the door. I hate him! I'm going to get Stacey whether she's with Niall or not with Niall there's this party on Saturday i'm going to get her this Saturday, i don't care about anybody else. She will be mine. 

Stacey's P.O.V

  I laid out the clothes i was going to wear to my date with Niall, i hope he's a gentlemen, i'm only doing this so Harry will leave me alone. I got in my red car and left for school.

  It was time for cheer practice Harry was in the bleachers i'm at the top of the pyramid and he's staring right at me. I lose focus and fall. I faint. 

  I wake up in the nurse's office. "Can i leave now?" i ask the nurse. "Yes, you may," she said. Harry is waiting for me. "Hey, beautiful," he says with a smirk on his face. I walk to my locker. "Leave me alone Harry I like Niall not you and i will never sleep with you," i said. He looks at me like if he was a fat kid and he was about to eat a big piece of steak. "You will be mine," he said. He pushed me up against my locker and kissed me. I slapped him. "GET OFF HER!" yelled Niall. He punched Harry very hard Harry punched him too and was beating him up. "HARRY STOP PLEASE STOP!" i screamed. He let go of Niall. "Come on Niall," i said. I took him to my car. 

  I took him to my family room. I rubbed alcohol on the his bleeding chin. I came closer he came closer and we kissed, his lips were so soft. 

Niall's P.O.V

  "Do you still want to go to dinner?" i asked her. "Yes, just let me get ready,' she said smiling. Her house was big there was chandeliers in each room. She came down with a red strapless dress. "Beautiful," i muttered. She smiled at me. I grabbed her keys and left. 

  We giggled she was so beautiful, how could Harry be so cruel to her. We left at 12:00 A.M. "Thanks Niall, this was the best date I've ever been on, do you have a car," she asked me. "No, i walk home," he said."I'll take you home,' she said. And she took me home.

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