Wrong guy

I was happy it was my last year in high school i was happy, until the bad boy of the school started bothering me, he slept with all the girls, he was popular, and he was famous. He would do anything to get me to love him. But i hated him, i was the only one he hadn't slept with. He was a pig. i was never ever going to date him.


18. Only 2 more days till prom

Harry's P.O.V 

I didn't like that Stacey was so competitive to win! But I didn't care she was fine. "So we have to invite the whole jocks and cheerleaders football players and the glee kids to come to the party after prom. And they can go with us in a large long limo!" She squealed with excitement. At our school we hand out awards for best dress best etc etc.  So far Stacey and I are cutest couple. So exciting! She's going to be so excited. 

A/N I can't finish all of it enjoy these chapters I wrote we'll k I have to sleep 

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