Wrong guy

I was happy it was my last year in high school i was happy, until the bad boy of the school started bothering me, he slept with all the girls, he was popular, and he was famous. He would do anything to get me to love him. But i hated him, i was the only one he hadn't slept with. He was a pig. i was never ever going to date him.


13. Not happy

Stacey's P.O.V

 "Justin babe I'm so happy, but I hate the paparazzi," I said. "Stop complaining they love me so much I told you you didn't have to start dating me you knew this was going to happen!" He exclaimed. "Ok geesh you don't have to get mad about it," I said. I was washing the dishes. "I'm sick and tired of you," he said coming near me. My heart was pounding and pounding. "I'm leaving you!"I yelled and ran for my suitcase. "I'm not letting you go!" He shouted as he slapped me across my face. He pushed me on the ground. And left. I laid there for like 5 mins. I got up and started to pack. What was I thinking? Dating a star! And I knew he was dangerous just like Harry but Harry wouldn't do anything like this. And Niall wouldn't either. 

 I went outside the bedroom he was sleeping on the couch, I grabbed my suitcase and ran for the door. I got out safely. I called a cab and had him take me to the nearest airport I was going back home. My face was Red from the slap my eye was sort of purple from the last time he punched me. My arms were all bruised up. When I went inside the paparazzi were there. They saw me and gasped. "What happened?" They asked I just kept on walking. Everyone was staring at me. It was like 9 hours to go back home or something. I was walking out of the plane and into the airport I didn't tell my step mom or my real mom what happened. All they knew was that I was going to CA. I looked up and saw Harry . My legs were feeling wobbly. He pushed me very hard to the ground. "Stacey, what happened?" Harry asked as I fell info his arms. I felt safe. "I err um fell down the stairs," I lied. "No you didn't, I grew up with a drunk father who always hit us," he said. "It was Justin he hit me and pushed me,"I cried bawling my eyes out into his chest. 

"Babe I'm here for you, I'm here to keep you safe," he cried

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