Wrong guy

I was happy it was my last year in high school i was happy, until the bad boy of the school started bothering me, he slept with all the girls, he was popular, and he was famous. He would do anything to get me to love him. But i hated him, i was the only one he hadn't slept with. He was a pig. i was never ever going to date him.


6. Jealousy

Stacey's P.O.V

  It was finally Monday, towards Spring Break this was the week before Spring Break. Yay! "I closed my locker and saw Harry his beautiful eyes, his hair. His locker was only a few lockers away. The school slut walked by ugh. She winked. I looked towards the way she winked, Harry's way he winked back no way! That lying little piece of ugh i'm so going to cry. "How dare you wink at her!" i yelled at Harry. "It was just a wink," he said. "I thought you had changed but clearly i was wrong," i cried as i slapped him.I walked away crying. I ran to Glee club. I wiped away my tears. I sat down next to Niall. "Stacey i said i was sorry," Niall pleaded. "It's fine i'm over it, can i have hug," i said. "Sure," he smiled. He hugged me i felt safe in his arms. Harry saw and sat next to the school slut, Taylor. "Today Stacey will be preforming a solo," remarked our singing coach Mrs.Lucy. I sang Someone Like You by Adele. Harry looked guilty. but he was laughing quietly as Taylor whispered in her ear. I kept singing.   Finally, glee club ended. I walked slowly out. Headed for the parking lot. It was raining cats and dogs. But i didn't care at least the world was sad with me. Then just when i couldn't be anymore upset, I saw Harry making out with Taylor. Really how could he do this to me? i didn't care i just ran into my car and started crying. How dare he I LOVED him. Well i saw this coming didn't I. He was just too good to be true. 

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