Your 1D Imagines

Hey, Lovelies. I'm gonna be making 1D imagines for you. I know some of you really fancy one or more of the boys. So you can make them anything you want. Ex: you can't decide between Louis and Liam. I can work with that. As long as you tell me who you wanna end up with. Every chapter will be named after the person. I will do some everyday. BTW: Everyone gets an outfit from Polyvore with your imagine.


1. Requirements for your Imagine

So comment a description of yourself. Make sure to include:
(some of these things may seem irrelevant but it helps me get a feel on
your persona)
~ Hair/eye/skin color
~ Hair length
~ Favorite color/sport/animal
~ Height
~ Personality
~ Hobbies
~What boy you want the imagine with
~ What you want to happen
~ Your style (Ex: skater, emo, girly. Include favorite clothing types Ex: tank tops,shorts and most of all what kind of shoes you wear.)
I need to know this ^^^^^^ b/c i'm gonna make an outfit for every person.



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