Your 1D Imagines

Hey, Lovelies. I'm gonna be making 1D imagines for you. I know some of you really fancy one or more of the boys. So you can make them anything you want. Ex: you can't decide between Louis and Liam. I can work with that. As long as you tell me who you wanna end up with. Every chapter will be named after the person. I will do some everyday. BTW: Everyone gets an outfit from Polyvore with your imagine.


2. Lauren

~ Lauren

I woke up and felt something licking my face. It was my dog, Annie. She is a Great Dane. She was beside the bed that Harry and I shared. I got up and didn't see Harry beside me. So I went downstairs and Annie followed me. We went into the kitchen and saw Harry he was drinking tea.

"Good morning, babe."

"Hey, Hazza."

"What do you wanna do today love?"

"Um, it doesn't matter."

"Okay then we will go to the park and have a romantic picnic...," He paused a kissed Annie's nose. She barked as if she asked him can I go too.


"Ok course, you can come Annie."


~ Harry

Lauren is soo beautiful. Today we are going on a romantic picnic. I'm gonna run to the store.

"Hey, babe?"


"I'm gonna run to the store I will be back in 20."

"Ok, bye Harry."


I got to the store and bought the following:

~ Picnic Basket

~Picnic Blanket

~ Bread

~ Jam

~ Peanut Butter

~ Turkey

~ Cheese

~Pepsi Cans


After I paid for the stuff I raced home. When I came home I saw my beautiful girlfriend wearing this:


She was wearing pink eye shadow and mascara.

"Hey LaLa are you ready?"

"Yeah Hazza."

"Okay let's go."

~ Lauren

I got Annie and hooked on her collar and leash. Harry and I walked towards his Audi R8. He went to the passenger side and put Annie in the back with her favorite chew toy. I handed Harry the bag with Annie's toys in it. He opened the passenger door and I got in with the basket. He ran to the other side and got in. He put the key in the ignition and move the gearshift from Park to Reverse. We pulled out of the drive-way and Harry put the car in Drive.



When we arrived at the park, I put the car back into Park. I turned the car off and took the key out of the ignition. I got out of the car and ran to the other side. I opened Lauren's door and helped her out. When she was out safely with the basket, I pulled her seat forward and took Annie's leash and chew toy bag. I took the basket from Lauren and gave her Annie's leash. We walked toward the picnic area. On the other side was a  hill, so we sat on the flat part on top. We spread the picnic blanket. While sitting on top of the hill we spotted the sunset. We ate our food and cleaned up. The sun was setting so I told Lauren, "I will be back I'm gonna go put the basket and blanket in the car." When I came back I saw Annie and Lauren running around. Lauren had Annie's biscuit chew toy. I joined in. I grabbed Annie's yellow ball and threw it. Annie chased it all the way through the playground. After about 10 minutes of playing we were tired. The sky was pink, purple and orange mixed together. We were sitting there watching the sky. When I turned toward Lauren she was looking at me. She blushed when I looked into her eyes. I leaned toward her and crashed my lips into hers. It lasted for about 15 seconds.

"C'mon Lauren let's go, babe."

"Okay, come on Annie."

Harry kissed my forehead as we walked to the car.

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