Can I Help You ; I Don't Like You

A normal 18 year girl named aria thought today was just another normal day visiting her grandmas house, but what happened when her least favorite celebrity askes her for help will she fall under his spell or will she stay sane and not help him. Love or thought? what will be her choice?


1. What Justin Bieber??

Hi, i'm Aria Middlton I am 18 years old and I have strait brown hair with blue eyes I know weird combo, but I don't like to be put down. I love spending time with my family and I love one direction and Selena Gomez. I absolutely hate with all of my heart Justin Drew Bieber!!! I just think he is abnocoius and I think he takes his fame for granted. Well anyway my boyfriend dumped me through text yesturday. I was really upset so I came to my grandmas house since it was near my apartment and my whole family happened to be coming today. I stayed the night last night so now I have to get ready. I put on some jean shorts and a grey oversized sweater. I put on some mascara and winged eyeliner with my hair in a messy bun put on some socks and went downstairs. I pored myself a bowl of cheros then decited to watch some celebrity news " Justin biebers contract being broken because his fame is lowering." I thought wow muxt suckto be him.

My parents just got here with my little drother who is 16. Right now everone is just chilling but my parents said they had a surprise for me. "Hey sexy haven't seen you in a while" said someone behind me. They sent chills though my whole body. Then they covered my eyes "turn aroud" just by instinct I turned aroud to see my best friend form middle school Austin Sky. "oh my gosh Austin I haven't seen you in years!!" "yeah well here I am" we spent a lot of time catching up turns out he loves to sing just like me. But here's the thing we would never date because we have way to much in common and we both know we are better as friends. He has strait brown hair and hazel eyes.

We were all about to watch a movie when the doorbell rang " i'll get it" I got up and got the door I was both star struck and annoyed by the person I was Justin Bieber. the one celebrity I dispise. " please let me stay with you I have no place to stay nothing to eat and no food a cab dropped me off on this street and the only way I could get my money and my carear back is by staying with a complete stranger getting their autograph getting Selena Gomez's autograph and getting Taylor Swifts autograph." he begged. "mom??" I say "yes? wow your Justin Bieber my daughter hates you". while my mom said that I gave him a quick smirk. I explained it all to my mom and my grandma." ok you can stay but only for one night but you will have to share a room and a bed with my daughter and I swear if you do anything to her you  are dead." " ok yes thank you so much you don't know how much this means to me."

(Justin's p.o.v)

The minute I saw this girl aria I knew she was the one for me she is beautiful and care free. She is just perfect in so many ways its so hard to describe. I think i'm in love with her. My thoughts were interrupted my Austin " I swear Aria is like a sister to me if you do anything to hurt her or even make her the least bit upset  I  will ruin your life" " I promise I wont" and what I said was completely true I wouln't do anything ever to hurt this girl.

(back to Arias pov)

It was like 12:00 and I need to face the fact that I am really tired and need to get to bed. I walked into my room and saw Justin with his headphones on aw he is sooo cute. wait what am I saying? I hate him. I walked over to the bed and he still didn't notice me so I jumped on the bed and he almost had a heart attack it was soo funny. " oh my gosh aria why did u do that you scared the living hell out of me." " hahahahaha sorry I had to get your attention somehow" "well it worked" "its time to go to sleep oh and I had the wrong impression about you voice you should use less auto tune." "thanks for the tip" I got my clothes and went to the bathroom and got changed I had on soccer shorts and a cami. I got back into my room and saw Justin in just his boxers. ewww. " is that seriously how you sleep?" "yeah but if your not comfortable with it then I can change" no no its fine" "ok" I went into bed and closed my eyes about 1 minute later I felt Justin get in. he must've thought I was asleep because he said to me "goodnight beautiful" before he wrapped his strong arms around me and I fell into a deep sleep.

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