Just The Backup Dancer

Harry Styles' girlfriend, Ashley died 2 years ago from lung cancer. He thought there was nothin left and nothin to live for, but when he meets Laura, the new backup dancer, he finds himself wondering if it is possible to fall in love again. He finds himself pushing her away more and more, hurting her with out realizing it. He finds himself falling in love. Again.


4. Dance Auditions.


I groaned and hid under the covers.

"Im not joking Nessa! Get out of bed! Your gunna be late for your auditions!"

I shot right out of bed when i heard that.

Hey, im Vanessa. Known as Nessa. So anyway One Direction the worst band in the world are going on tour and its been my dream to be a dancer and stuff, I heard one of thier backup dancers fell and broke their leg or somthing and they are having auditions! Yea, ill be stuck with them for almost a year but its worth it!

*A/N* One DIrection is the best band in the world! Nessa you lucky female dog!

I headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower then got dressed into this:



I brushed my hair out then left it to air dry. I went and put some mascara, baby pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, and some baby lips. My best friend, who had barged in was One DIrection's biggest fan. "How do i look?" I asked.

"Umm... Dont you like... Have to dance in that?" I nodded and she smirked.

"I have extra clothes at the studio stupid."

"Ouch!" She grabbed her heart and faked cried.

She's sucha wierdo.

"Im hungry... I Hop or Nandos?" i asked her and realized. Big. mistake. And i mean BIG.

"NADOS WHERE BABY NIALLER LIVES? OMG YES! I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE !!! WHAT IF WE MEET HIM THERE!? OMG GIVE ME SOME MAKEUP LIKE NOW!!!!!"  By now she was digging through her bag looking for literlaly anything to cover her face with and her arms were flying every where.

see what i have to deal with?

"Ash! Theres like a 1 out of million chance he is there. Come on, we have to leave now if we want to eat and make it to my auditions!" I grinned.

"OMG i will meet one direction today!!!!" She was screaming her ass off and i rolled my eyes.

"Hurry yo ass up."


Hey guyz! that was a sucky chapter ik and im sooo sorry!

i swear it will get more interasting!

One thing i forgot to mention, contest ends at 8/6/13 and if no one messages/emails i will have to put random people so yea,

Love ya<3


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