Just The Backup Dancer

Harry Styles' girlfriend, Ashley died 2 years ago from lung cancer. He thought there was nothin left and nothin to live for, but when he meets Laura, the new backup dancer, he finds himself wondering if it is possible to fall in love again. He finds himself pushing her away more and more, hurting her with out realizing it. He finds himself falling in love. Again.


3. Contest! <3


Who wants to be Liam, Zayn, or Louis' girlfriends?

Thts wat i thought.

Ik Lou, Zayn, and Liam are all in amazing relationships but...

I wanted to keep my Irish Leprechan single still but i swear later on i will

find my baby a gal to love<3

So if you want all ya guys can email me at:

laur.loves1D but i never check my email

so you guys so kik me @:


love you so much<3

if you want to be a co writer cuz it takes me forever to

update then kik me as well!

you guys prob hate me so im going to get chapter 2 up!

Kik/Email if you got good ideas, i will give credit for it def!

Love you, bye!<3



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