Just The Backup Dancer

Harry Styles' girlfriend, Ashley died 2 years ago from lung cancer. He thought there was nothin left and nothin to live for, but when he meets Laura, the new backup dancer, he finds himself wondering if it is possible to fall in love again. He finds himself pushing her away more and more, hurting her with out realizing it. He finds himself falling in love. Again.


2. Authors note<3

   Hey guyzz (:

Sorry i havnt updated in like forever!

 so how did y'all like the first chapter?

You hate it? oh ok. ahaha

so im thinking... if i get say... 25 views, 10 likes and 5 comments i will do

a movella marathone thingie.

I will owe you guys 4 very long chapters or maybe 6 short ones

which ever you guyz want :)

Ik not a lot of people like this and shit but i love you all! <3

if anyone wants to be cowriter or a girlfriend im am going to have a contest!

I will post the deets soon so yea.

Love ya guyz<3


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