Just The Backup Dancer

Harry Styles' girlfriend, Ashley died 2 years ago from lung cancer. He thought there was nothin left and nothin to live for, but when he meets Laura, the new backup dancer, he finds himself wondering if it is possible to fall in love again. He finds himself pushing her away more and more, hurting her with out realizing it. He finds himself falling in love. Again.


1. Ashely

"Its ok! Your going to be ok!" I kept telling her while holding her hand and kissing it non stop.

She didnt look like my bby. NOT the sweet girl i found myself falling inlove with everytime i saw her. I cld tell she was trying to say something but I knew it was hard, she was in pain. I would do anything to take away that pain... i wld take the pain for her even. I love her so much and i cant afford to loose her.

"Harry baby if i dont make it-" Ashley managed but i just shook my head violently over and over again

"No Ash! Your'e going to make it Ur going to be fine!" I could feel the tears falling down my face.

"Harry, promise me! promise that you will forget me as your girlfriend but remeber me as a happy memory. Can you do that for me babe?" AShley asked. I could see that it hurt her to talk but i was so confused.

"Wat are u talking about? Your going to be fine! We will be able to go to Paris like you always wanted to!" I cldnt help say.

"Harry, the cancer spread to my lungs! Theres nothing the doctors can do!" The tears were suddenly falling from her cheek as she threw this news at me.

"Wa-? How come no one told me bout this?!?!?!" I yelled in frustration

"Harry baby promise to at least try? Think bout it, i can finally see my mum and dad again! Babe you have a career, you cant stop cuz of me! You cant stop living cuz of me. I need u to try to find a grl tht u will learn to love, kay? I will always be watching over you but i need u to promise me that u will try ur very hardest to move on. Please, for me?" AShley asked desperatly.

i didnt want her to feel upset cuz of this so i nodded my head slowly and whispered, " I promise... To try." I put my head down and only looked up when she touched my arm.

" Hazz, i love you and always will. Stay strong for me baby." She whispered.

I nodded and kissed her gently yet passiontly.

"You taste sad babe. Dont be sad. I will be in a better place, watching over you and a new girl that will be able to love you as much as i love you. Can you sing for me?"

I nodded again and soflty began to sing our song. When her eyes closed and her face became purple. Doctors flooded in and tryed to save her... She cldnt breathe. The cancer has won.

My beautiful Ashley is gone... SHe is now nothing but a beautiful dream that i will soon see again... This is what she wanted... for me to forget and move on... But i cant.

My Ashley is gone.


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