The Troubled Girl

This story is about a girl called Taylor Watson.She used to have the perfect life.A loving family,good friends,everything she needed.But in a matter of months that all changed and Taylors life has changed completely,for the worse!


2. New Kid in School

Taylors POV

As I approached the school bus waiting at my stop, I dreaded riding alone, yet again and getting other students lunches and spitballs at the back of my head.

All of the 'gang' were there. "ugh!" I groaned in my head, I have enough stress in my life without them joining in. I walked to the very back of the bus hoping to not 

get noticed by 'them'. Just the thought of my bullies made me shudder. There was something different about them today though, they had a new member! Oh no, 

that means extra beatings from them today. I decided to sit close enough that I could see what the new kid looked like. He had big brown eyes, that could make any girl fall for him

just by looking into  them. He had messy brown hair, that looked perfect yet effortless. He had a well built body, his abs could be seen clearly through his v neck. Along with the v neck, 

he was wearing a blue varsity jacket, black skinny jeans and white converse. He looked like a god! I wouldn't stand a chance with him, especially since he's in the 'gang' now. 

After half an hour on the bus, we arrived at the school or hell hole as i like to call it. As usual Jennifer and Lauren, being the sluts they are, were practically hanging off the new kids arms.

During the ride on the bus, I found out his name was Cody, perfect name for the perfect guy. Just as he reached the school gates with the gang, me, walking behind him,bein the klutz I am

bumped into him as soon as he stopped. I fell to the ground as he was pulling me up the gang now walking over. Sam spoke first " What are you doing Cody?!? You don't help her she's a 

worthless piece of shit, a waste of space. Don't even talk or look at that whore." Jennifer spoke up next " Yeah! That slut doesn't deserve your attenton. She's a walking STD." 

My eyes were tearing up as they usually do whenever they say shit like this. I hate it that i can't stand up to them or say a comeback without getting beaten up, badly.

I tried running away but Ryan pulled me back by my hair, causing me to scream in pain. "Shut up you bitch! You deserve every beating you get. Cody you do the honours, since your new."

Ryan said. Cody gave me a sympathetic look before punching me in the stomach, I fell to the ground, scrunching over in pain. As soon as Cody started everyone joined in. They just kept punching

harder and all i could do was groan in pain. I blacked out after twenty minutes but i'm sure they kept torturing my frail body. I woke up with blood all over my clothes, bruises literally all over my body.

I checked the time on my phone, '1 p.m.' oh no! I'm so late! I ran into the school and signed in. I got my books out of my locker and walked to class. I had Science next. When i arrived at the science lab,

everyones heads faced towards me. I blushed and looked down, walking over to the teacher making an excuse to the teacher for being late. "Alright class, we are going to be doing a science project,

you will be paired with the person beside you, Taylor that means you have to go with the new student, Cody." Mr. Moran ( our science teacher) informed our class. Cody walked over to me with that 

sideways grin that would make any girl weak at the knees.  "So are we going to be doing the project at your house or mine?" he asked me. "Yours." I replied. "OK. Come to my house after school." 

he said. I nodded slightly and then started on the project in class. I could feel Codys eyes burning into the side of my head. I just hope Cody will be slightly nicer than the other members of the gang............


A/N Hope you guys liked the second chapter! :p Please give me feedback on what you think guys! :) I'll update again tomorrow if i get 30 reads or more! ;) xo <3

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