The Troubled Girl

This story is about a girl called Taylor Watson.She used to have the perfect life.A loving family,good friends,everything she needed.But in a matter of months that all changed and Taylors life has changed completely,for the worse!


3. Codys House

A/N Hey sorry it took me so long to update! :( been so busy with stuff lately ok so ill shut up now! Enjoy! ;) xo


Taylors POV

After school I went straight to Codys house from the bus. When we reached his house my mouth was hanging open and my eyes widened in shock. He lived in a freaking mansion! well at least that was my opinion on it. "Close your mouth, you might catch flies" Cody smirked. I just pushed past him and walked up to the door, waiting for him.

As we walked in the door I was greeted by a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties, she must be Codys mother. My suspicions were confirmed when she greeted me. "Hello dear, i'm Codys mother, Alison" She greeted me warmly after shaking my hand. " Hi Alison, I'm Taylor nice to meet you." I replied with a small smile. "well mom we're going to head upstairs and work on our science project." Cody said to his mother and we then rushed up the stairs.

When we got into his room it was not what i was expecting. Codys room ( unlike most boys rooms) was clean and neat, where as i expected it to be a pig sty. The walls were a light turquoise and his bed had the same kind of lay out. There was study desk near the corner of the room with a white spinny chair too. He had a flat screen tv, a pool table and a balcony.

"OK. Lets get started." Cody said and sat down on his bed, taking out his science book, me doing the same. W e discussed the project for about two hours and then decided to take a break from it for a while. We decided to play 20 questions. Cody started " What's your favourite color?" "Purple" Then I asked " Where's your dad?" He looked away, then looked back with angry eyes. " Don't. EVER.Mention.'Him'" He shuddered when he said the word him like it was a disease so i knew something happened between them. I needed to figure it out, the curiosity is killing me but we just need to get a bit closer as friends first.

Alison came into the room just as we were finishing the game. "Taylor, will you be staying for dinner dear?" " Ehm... If it's ok with you Alison." She smiled sweetly at me and replied " Of course you can dear. Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes." With that she closed the door, leaving me and Cody in an awkward silence. We both looked up, into each others eyes, he started leaning in and so did I. " Dinners Ready! " Alison shouted making us jump about a foot in the air. I blushed and started walking down the stairs, Cody behind me. There was mostly silence during dinner but Alison would randomly asks me questions about my life during it. After dinner I went back up to Codys room to get my bag and headed down the stairs about to say goodbye to Cody and his mom. Bye Alison. Thanks for letting me come over." She hugged me and said " Anytime Taylor." Cody walked me outside his door and asked " Do you want me to drive you home?" "No i'll be ok, see you in school tomorrow" I smiled and waved. He did the same and then went inside. 'Now to go home and get an extra hard beating........Yippee! '(note the sarcasm)

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