Angelina is a girl that no on likes. She is abused by her pack and her mate rejects her. She leaves and decides that she will come back for her mother and younger sister in a few years. What happens when she returns and her pack and mate beg her to stay?


1. Escape

I'm that girl in school no one likes. I'm that girl at home, where her family hates her. I'm that girl on the street everyone is disgusted by. I'm the female werewolf that the pack hates. I'm the kind of girl no one wants. I am unwanted.
Most of the time I skip school. Sometimes I just can't deal with the harassment. Everyone thinks its funny except me. Why can't they see that it hurts me? Simple. They don't care.
I'm home right now. Alone. Everyone is at work or school. Well my dad is probably out banging some slut.
My mother takes all her pain and anger out on me and all I can feel is sadness for her. She doesn't deserve someone like my father. She deserves better. I wish I could just whisk her away from this cruel world. Maybe if no one was hurting her, she'd be nicer.
I sigh and get up from my bed. I wish I could go for a run but I have a few problems.
1.) alphas orders. He forbade me from going on runs.
2.) I have bruises all over my body and would get a lot of questioning looks from humans. 
3.) I'm too weak from not shifting to walk all the way to the woods. It was a pretty good distance from the pack house.
I know what I have to do tonight. If I want to get out of this horrible life then I must do what I have been longing to do from day one. It's only now that I've mustered up the courage to do it tonight.
I will do it when the alpha gets home. All I can do is hope that I can get away fast enough before he can kill me.
I rip out a price of paper from one of my school notebooks that I only use for drawing and wrote a note to my mother and five year old sister. It said: 

Dear Mom and Elena,
I am going to be gone for a while and won't come back for a long time. I will come back for both of you though. One day. 
Mom, please find another mate. I don't want you to go through all that pain when dad is cheating on you.
Elena, I love you so much and hope you do a lot better than I did in the pack. Make good friends and be a good girl for mommy.
I love you both and hope to see you again one day.

                                     - Angelina 

I put the note on my pillow and packed a plastic bag that held a picture of my mother and sister, a pencil, a drawing notebook, and some money that I stole from my dad's wallet.
I tied the loops into a knot and stumbled downstairs. I grabbed my father's car keys and headed out to the garage. I needed to get to the woods. 
My father had walked to "work" this morning instead of taking his car.
I opened the garage and got in the car. My legs were so weak from not being able to shift!
I put the keys in the ignition and started the car. I pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the woods as fast as I could.
Once I arrived, I wobbled into the woods and found the tree I was looking for.
I stuffed the bag in the hole, that was in the bottom and was big enough to hold two people. It always came in handy for me.
As I was making my way back to the car, a man suddenly appeared in front of me. Oh no! I'm going to die before I even have the chance to escape!
But then I realized that this man wasn't in my pack. He wasn't even a werewolf! He was a vampire!
I looked into his black eyes that were the same color as his hair. "MATE!" My wolf shouted. This man was gorgeous! I felt make legs shake. Oh he was so mouth watering!
He had a tall lean body. He had to be a least six and half feet tall! His skin was pale and I could see the eight pack through the tight white shirt he was wearing.
I looked back into his eyes with a blush on my face, realizing that I was checking him out. I saw hatred in them.
"Who would want you? I will never accept you as my mate, dog! You're hideous and revolting!" He spat and disappeared.
My heart shattered and a sob escapes my lips. I trudged back to the car and drove to the pack house with a heavy heart.
I arrived home and parked the car in the exact place it was before and put the keys in the exact position they had been before I took them. I didn't want my father knowing I took them.
I stumble back up the stairs and fall on my bed. My mate had rejected me. The one who is supposed to love and protect me, doesn't want me.
I hear the front door of the house open and slam shut. I sniff the air and my eyes widen. The alpha was home. I tiptoed down the stairs and looked dead into the alpha's eyes when I went into the kitchen. He growls but I don't back down even though my wolf wants to. I need to do this.
"I, Angelina Rising, break off all bonds from this pack from me and accept becoming a rogue." I state and run of the door as my scent started to change.
I shifted into my black furred wolf and it hurt so bad that I cried out. Once the pain was over, I continued running, trying to stay out if sight. I didn't want to cause any trouble. But......maybe I wanted to cause this pack a little trouble.
I ran into sight and 12 humans saw me. They screamed and ran away from me. I smiled inside my wolf's head. 'Nice.' She says and I smirk. 'That's only a small part of what'a going to happen to them. They've caused us enough pain.' I reply and we run into the entrance of the woods. 
A while later we make it across the border just as I hear my old alpha say, "You will die Angelina Rising! Even if its the last thing I do!"
Yeah right!

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