Can't Get Enough (16+)

When Maddi gets into a relationship with Harry but is seeing Louis behind his back will it tear apart a friendship (larry) or could it even tear apart the band?What will Harry do when he finds out will he leave? What if the other band mates start to like Maddi too will they get involved too??


3. Too close to getting caught


Maddi's P.O.V

Here i am standing outside of louis flat while my boyfriend thinks i am shopping why do i do it ? why do i cheat?thats simple I love Louis and Harry and Not to metion Louis has elenor and If i broke up with Harry i wouldnt be able to stay with the band well here goes nothing i think to myself i knock on the door a few seconds later  the door opens "HEY BABE" louis say "Hey" i reply giving him a small kiss and walking past him he shuts the door and i take off my jacket revealing my tanktop and jean "Wow you look... hot" louis whispers into my ear i turn around and kiss him the kiss lasts a while and then louis puts his hands under my shirts and in one quick movement pulls it off next thing i know we are both undressed... (i think you can guess what happens next)... "that was fun" i giggle out of breath "it was" he breathed equally out of breath "want to watch a movie now?" i ask "sure"he replys we get settled on the couch when all of a sudden Louis's phone starts ringing 

Louis's P.O.V

we were on the couch about to play the movie when all of a sudden my phone starts ringing i look at the caller ID "shit" i mumble "WHAT?? who is it?" Maddi asked sounding concerned "elenor" i said and quiclkly put the phone to my ear "Hi babe" i said trying to sound excited "HIIIII LOU i just wanted you tell you i am gunna come over right now havent seen you in a while" "okay" i said trying not to sound nervous after i hung up i told Maddi everthing she quickly got dressed and fixed her hair until she looked the same as she did when she got here. after we said our goodbyes i hear a knock i answer it and its Elenor"HI babe: i said trying to sound as normal as i can "Hey" she says leaning in for a kiss i quickly kiss her and we go in the rest of the night we watch a movie and chat finally she goes home.

A/N hey guys sorry if that was a shitty ending for this chapter lol but i already wrote this chapter and accidentaly deleted it so i had to re-write it quickly oh and** coming up ALOT of carzy shit is gunna happen so please sit down while reading!!**


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