Can't Get Enough (16+)

When Maddi gets into a relationship with Harry but is seeing Louis behind his back will it tear apart a friendship (larry) or could it even tear apart the band?What will Harry do when he finds out will he leave? What if the other band mates start to like Maddi too will they get involved too??


7. i kissed niall??????

Louis's P.O.V

I got ready and started walking to Maddie's flat I wasn't really looking because I was on my phone but when I looked up I saw Niall and Maddi....kissing?? I couldn't keep it in I let out a hugh gasp. they both looked over at me sharing the same surprised expression but maddi also looked starteled?

Maddi's P.O.V

What just happened? Niall kissed me and Louis saw omg this is so weird " umm Louis I can explain...niall just kissed me ..niall,why did you kiss me?" I said :well errm I knew that Harry wasn't home because I saw him leave earlier and I thought this was my chance , Maddi I have liked you since the first day we met , that's the reason I haven't dated anyone else.,and why did you have to explain to Louis I mean its not like you two are secretly getting together behind everyones backs" niall giggled "cause that would be so weird" he added "of course we aren't!" Louis spoke loudly.

just then Harry walked in "whats going on here?" he asked sternly "um nothing babe just chatting" I said a bit to quickly but he didn't seem to notice "alright well Maddi let go inside" harry said ina  normal voice. "okay, bye Louis bye Niall" I said "bye" the said at the same time. I walked into our flat and sat down on the couch Harru came and sat next to me.

Harry's P.O.V

"umm so when can I see you again?" I asked Samantha"how about tonight?" she said with a wink "okay" I said and I walked away why why why am I doing this I have an amazing girlfriend at home.but I guess she doesn't have to know :)        I got home only to fine Niall Louis and Maddi standing in the hallway talking andhonestly I don't care what they are saying quickly I get maddi and go in our flat, we watch a couple movies then maddi looks at me and askes the questine I really didn't want to hear "harry what were you really doing today?"

A/N ohh its getting good ... what do you think about niall ?

are you team...Marry-Maddi & Harry

Laddi-Maddi & Louis

or team Miall- Maddi & Niall?    COMMENT

oh btw sorry im not very good at couple names :P


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