Can't Get Enough (16+)

When Maddi gets into a relationship with Harry but is seeing Louis behind his back will it tear apart a friendship (larry) or could it even tear apart the band?What will Harry do when he finds out will he leave? What if the other band mates start to like Maddi too will they get involved too??


2. Harry

Harry's P.O.V

After we finshed the movie i noticed that Maddi had fallen asleep I picked her up said goodnight to everyone and brought her back to our flat. I layed her down on our bed and began to leave the room to get some water "harry" I heard her say i turned around fast "yes, love" "come lay with me im cold" i walked back over to her and got under the blanket with her, she snuggled her head into my chest. "goodnight Maddi" i said and to be honest i think i am in love with this girl "I love you" i accidentally slipped out.

Maddi's P.O.V

"i love you" he said those words kept replaying in my mind do i love him? i didnt know what to say back so i just pretended to be asleep.

I could see sunlight shining in through the blinds i reached my hand overr to the space where Harry usually sleeps but nothing there just cold air i smell bacon and pancakes so i go downstairs to find HArry making breakfast "morning love" he say walking over and pecking my lips "morning " i say back after breakfast i tell him i am going to go shopping with my friend Sarah "okay have fun" he says with a giant smile "i will" i say quickly giving him a kiss. I walk out the door little does he know i am not actually going shopping but i am going.....

A/N ahh where do you guys think she is going hmm ??? lol 


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