Can't Get Enough (16+)

When Maddi gets into a relationship with Harry but is seeing Louis behind his back will it tear apart a friendship (larry) or could it even tear apart the band?What will Harry do when he finds out will he leave? What if the other band mates start to like Maddi too will they get involved too??


1. First Signs

Maddi's P.O.V

"hey babe" i said to Harry as he walked out of the photo shoot "hey" he replied giving me a small kiss on the lips. I could feel Louis eyes burning into the back of my head its the same feeling i always get when i kiss Harry infront of him. I turn around to the other boys and hug them all except for louis when all the other boys start to walk out to car i give Louis a hug "Hey babe" he whispers into my ear turning me on "hi" i reply i let go and start walking out to the car Louis grabs my butt and i give him a death stare as if  to says 'people could have seen that' he just gives me a cute smirk. When we reach the car Harry pulles me down into the seat beside him "what took you so long?" He asked staring at me, oh shit what do I say "I got a call that i had to take it was just my mom" i lied "oh, how is she" he asked "good" i replied. When we got back to the complex it was 7pm we all decided we would go watch a movie and order pizza. After we got settled in Nialls flat Liam picked Toy Story and we were waiting for the pizza to come. I sat beside Harry and Louis on the couch Niall Sat on the other couch with zayn and Liam sat on the floor. I was snuggling with Harry and I felt the same way Louis's eyes burning into me. I lightly kicked him in the side but not hard enough for anyone to notice. "i am gunna go get  a drink anyone want anything?" i announced "water please" they all said at the same time "alright: i said "here i will help you" louis said "okay" we walked into the kitchen letting the door close behind us. Louis walked over to me and crashed his lips into mine i quickly starting kissing him back things were getting pretty heated until i pulled away "wha-why?" Louis asked out of breath "not here, not now" i said equally out of breath "fine" he mumbled,We got the waters and walked back to the movie, handed out the water and got back to the same way as we were sitting before. I could feel my eyes getting heavy and i finally fell asleep.

A/N sorry about the Mature content but the title does say 16+ so please dont say anything like"thats inapropiate" or anything please.. thanks !! 


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