Next generation HP Headcannons!

Next generation HP headconnons! If you have ideas let me now! Do you ship Scrose? Which haircolour has Fred II? Read too find out what I thinks happens with Harry's, Ron's, Luna's, George and all the other HP characters kids!


3. Prolog continuation

"Come on Al!" shouted Rose. The kids quickly found an empty coupee, and a comfortable seat. 

Albus's dad Harry Potter waved to him with tears in his eyes, from platform 9 3/4. He waved and smilied to his son. It was Albus's turn now. 

"Aren't you excited!" asked Rose. "Look at my Toad! I've called her Allie!" Albus laughed: "And you are sure it is a girl?" "Of course! The man i Diagon Alley told me!" said Rose. "I actually don't understand why you got a toad! Look at my owl Orion!" He showed her the big brown owl. "Al come on! There is free owls on Hogwarts, you can use, if you want to send letters home. Besides, Allie is much prettier than Origon!" Albus didn't said anything, he just thought that girls were stupid

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