Next generation HP Headcannons!

Next generation HP headconnons! If you have ideas let me now! Do you ship Scrose? Which haircolour has Fred II? Read too find out what I thinks happens with Harry's, Ron's, Luna's, George and all the other HP characters kids!


5. Albus Severus

Because that Albus Severus, was Harry's son, was he pretty famous among his classmates. He enjoyed the fame and popularity, but sometimes, his friends had to told him, not to be so selfish and confident. And they told him to remember that it wasn't HIM who defeated Voldemort. 

But then, there was the other side of the coin. All his teacher always said things like "Great Potter, but your father was better!" and "Your father did actually.." "Harry did it greater..." and so on. It annoyed him so much, that one day, he at shouted Professor Longbottom, that he wasn't his father and he would never be! Afterwards Professor Longbottom said "I am sorry Albus. I was also being compered to my parents as kid, by my grandma. I know the feeling. Sorry."

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