Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


6. visiting

I waited for about a minute and my step mum, carry, opened the door for me.

“Oh Nicola, you have come to see your dad. He is busy at the moment writing something for his work but come in and he will be ready in a minute. I’ll get you some coke,” my step mum carry said to me.

I went in to my dad’s house. He had got it decorated while he was in America. He had dark blue wall paper on his walls. His kitchen had fabulous paintings done by his children. He wanted them to have as much fun as they could. He was a lovely father to his children and step children. His wife was really nice to me. She loved seeing me at the weekends.

I waited about 5 minutes for my dad to come in the kitchen.

“Hi darling. I got Carry to make us some cupcakes. You have cookies & cream,” my dad told me.

“Talking about Carry, how is her cupcake business going?” I asked.

“Great, she has managed to get a shop in America. There are two more in this area,” my dad replied.

“Well that is good. How was America?” I asked.

“Good. We had a road trip all around it. Speaking of America me and Carry got you a present. We got you a giant tub of pretzel m&ms , some designer cloths and a Bruno marz signed cd , cloths and picture. I also got you tickets to his next concert. Vip tickets with front seat and you get to go back stage,” my dad told me.

“Wow, how did you get him to sign things?” I asked.

“We saw him on our travels and told him you were a big fan. He agreed to sign some things for you,” my dad replied.

“Thank-you dad. I have been nowhere really. Since mum is pregnant, we couldn’t go on holiday in the summer. Mum is due sometime in the next week,” I told my dad.

“Well in the summer you can come on holiday on the cruise we have booked.

“Thanks dad,” I said.

I got a call on my phone from my step dad.

“I have to take a call quickly dad,” I said.

I walked into the living room.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi Nicola , look your mum is at the hospital having the baby. I am taking all your stuff to your dads. Ok bye,” my step dad said.

I went back to the kitchen where my dad was sitting.

“Hey dad I am staying with you tonight. My mum is in the hospital at the moment,” I said.

My dad smiled and I was happy that tonight there would be no abuse. No hitting or anything. Free from being hurt. Just free


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