Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


5. the journey to his house

I was wondering how I would manage to get out the house. My stepdad was really mean. I could hardly ever go shopping on my own. Well actually never. He looked really busy earlier. Maybe he was still busy. He might not be. I got into my nicest dress and put some earrings on. I tip toed down the stairs and I got my bag from the radiator. I went out the door quickly. I got my oyster out my bag. My dad lived quite far. Just a 15 minute bus journey.

It was hard to think of what to say to my dad after 1 year of him being on holiday. Could I talk to him about the bullying and abuse? Well maybe in a few days. He could help me. I tried talking to my mum about this but she thinks I am silly and never believes me.

I felt happy about seeing my dad. It is hard just reading messages from him and not writing to him. He had a great holiday with his family.

I got to my dad’s house at about 5:20. I was excited and a bit nervous to see him. I rang the doorbell and waited for my dad to answer. 

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