Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


7. talking

My stepdad bought my stuff at 6:00. My dad decided to take me and his other children to MacDonald’s. I had a mayo chicken burger and chips with a diet coke. There was one bad moment when I was in the toilet putting some lipstick on. I saw Alice!

“Hey, Nicola. Why are you here? Did daddy bring you here?” she asked.

I didn’t reply. I just put my lipstick on and went back to my seat.

Alice or one of the bullies were everywhere I went. I would never be free of them. Never in my whole life would I be free. I forgot about them and just carried on eating.

My burger was lovely. I hadn’t been to MacDonald’s in ages because my step dad was a vegan and believed meat is murder so he never would go to any of these fast food places. I had fun and I got to catch up with my dad and his family.

“So are holiday was great. Here is a picture of us on a beach in California.  Here is one of us meeting Katy perry. I will send you an album soon,” my dad told me.

“Wow it sounds like you had fun. How did it go with the carry’s cupcakes road show?” I asked

“It went great,” Carry replied, “We managed to get this millionaire at the event to build an American franchise. We gave loads of free tiny samples and sold loads. We are getting two more stores in kent alone. We are thinking of new ideas Do you have any ideas Nicola?”

“Well…” I replied, “Maybe sell celebration cakes. Like a giant cookies & cream cupcake with mini ones round the edges.”

“Great idea! Have any other idea? Carry asked me.

“Ok, so you know you do cookie & cream cupcakes. How about you put cookies in the middle with butter cream? Or have a make your cupcake bar,” I replied.

“Great ideas Nicola,” Carry said , “How would you like to come with me to a business meeting discussing knew ideas.”

“Ok, when is it?” I asked.

“Saturday. I think you should be able to make it,” replied Carry.

“I should be able to. My mum is in the hospital and she should be there a few days. Ooh wait, I have to go to my art gallery. What time is it?

“9:00 in the morning it finishes at 10:00,” Carry replied.

“Well the art gallery is at 11:00 so I should be ok,” I answered.

After finishing are burgers, we went to my dad’s house. I went upstairs to chat on my messaging account. My dad wanted to talk to me.

Me: Hi

My dad: Hi darling. How r u?

Me: good. Well better than I would be at home.

My dad: Why?

Me: it is nothing. (At this point I am thinking why I said something.)

My dad: Come on. You can tell me. I am your dad u can always talk to me.

Me: Ok then. It is my stepdad. Every time I do the tinniest thing wrong he hurts me. He punches me and hurts me. He has tried hitting me with empty beer bottles. It makes me sad. L I never know what to do. I would tell my mum but I have tried before and failed. She thinks I am silly and he abuses me more. I just leave everything in my mind making me sad.

My dad: Don’t worry. I will look after you. I will help you. If he tries to hurt you again tell me. I will help you.

Me: Thanks dad. It means a lot to me that you would be there.

My dad: Don’t worry. That is what dads are for. Remember me and Carry are always here to help you.

Me: I will. Thanks. I am going to bed in a minute

My dad: Ok do you want me to send a cupcake up to your room.

Me: ok

My dad: Ok , see you in two minutes.

Me: Ok.

I shut down my computer and got into bed. I waited for my dad.

“Here you go darling. A cookies & cream cupcake. Carry made it especially,” My dad told me.

“Thank you dad,” I said.

He put the cake on my bed side table. It smelt so delicious.

“Ok eat up darling,” my dad said.

I ate the cake and started yawning.

“I am going to go to bed now,” I said.

“Goodnight darling,” My dad said.

“Good night,” I replied.

I thought about what it would be like living at dads a few day. I then went to sleep.

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