Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


4. my dad

At 5:00 I stopped crying. As my mum would not be home for a bit, I decided I would go on my messages wall. It was my only way of talking to close family who I didn’t see that much. I was opening the computer when my step sister came in.

My step sister was nice and sweet (unlike my step dad.) Her room was next door to mine.

“Hi Nicola. I heard you were crying so I made you a flower. I found out how to in a magazine I bought,” she said.

She gave the paper flower to me. She was just like me. Good at art.

“Oh, thank you. Could you go so I can talk to my friends and family?” I asked.

“Ok,” she replied skipping out the room.

I knew that she has a few friends. I wish I had friends. Maybe at least someone I could count on. I needed to forget about that for now and think about something else.

I thought about my art gallery at the weekend. I was showing 3 pieces of work. I might sell one to the museum if I am lucky. My teacher had got the museum in the area to come and look at my work. They had a special gallery bit.

I logged into my messaging account and looked at my contacts. Hardly any of my family were on. I looked down the list to see who was on and then you would never guess who was on. My dad!

I hadn’t seen him in a whole year. He went on a long holiday with his family for a year. I didn’t know if I should talk to him.  I clicked his name and sent a message.

Me: hi

My dad: hi

Me: how are you?

My dad: Good. U?

Me: Good for a girl who’s had a dad gone for a year.

My dad: Look, I know I left you for a bit but I am here now.

Me: ok

My dad: Can I see you later?

Me: Maybe. I have to ask my stepdad.

My dad: please.

Me: Ok, I will sneak out.

My dad: Ok. Got to get your gifts from America from upstairs. Bye

Me: Bye.

Finally, I was going to see my dad after a year.





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