Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


1. bullies

I see the sparkling silver gates shine in the cold frosty morning sky. I never knew whether to go in or stay out. They would always be there. In the playground following me and hurting me. It was like a routine. I end up always behind a rubbish bin. I take tiny slow steps and heart is pounding so fast. I hate them. Why so they hate me? My dad practically spoils me as he never sees me and they are jealous of me. I see him a lot and wished I saw him a lot more.

I get closer and closer to the actual gate and see no sign of them. I start feeling a weird chill and I just run from the gate to the back entrance. They wouldn’t be there. They couldn’t know that I would go there. My school was quite big so I could go anywhere but someone was always there. Then they were all there. The back entrance looked the safest one to go through as I couldn’t hear any footsteps. I just wish this would all stop. Then the worrying would stop forever maybe. It never would though. I was going to be worried forever. The girls were never near me they hated me. I thought everyone did. No one helped me if things went wrong. I was just left behind a rubbish bin to cry. No one would even ask me if I was ok.

I walk in the back gate and I try to see if the bullies are there. They aren’t there today. The back entrance was near my classes and now bully free. I walked up to the door and then I opened it and out of no were the bullies came out.

“Oh it is Nicola spoilt girl. Why are you here afraid of us?” Alice said.

I never had time to answer. They would push me back to the wall. Two of them. always Alice and Margret. The two most popular girls in school. Today I did have 30 seconds to answer. Then they pushed me back to a wall and punched me, kicked me and hurt me. They stole my money and even ripped my new dress. Then they saw I had my make up in my pocket and they took it.

After that, one of the other girls started beating me up. She threw me back into my rose giving me a big cut down my leg. They weren’t finished with me yet and school didn’t start for at least 45 minutes. I just got in early to avoid them. Though it was the same every day They knew when I came. I just wanted to be free of them.

“Ooh a diamond necklace did daddy buy you that?” asked Alice.

She naturally got Megan to take it from me and the punched my nose. Then punched my lip and put me in the rubbish bin and her crew walked away.

The rubbish bin bought back memories Sad memories in a story…

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