Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


2. back story


Let me tell you now this back story is one of the worst moments in my life. I was hearing about so many nice things happening in my life. Lets go back to last September when all the bullying started. My mum was getting married and having twins. My dad wanted to come to see me and I was going to see my and 7 step-sisters and 6 half-sisters. My dad had bought me some presents as I couldn’t see him for a few weeks after him coming to my house.

Picture my life then. It is basically the opposite of my life now. I loved that life. I had a happy life. Wonderful family. I was getting great grades. My dad was visited lots so it was good and I visited him sometimes. I had one friend. A good friend. Someone I thought I could count on… Alice! She was nice back then. They changed her but that is another story. To sum it up they told me I was not a good friend but they were. That led her to becoming the main bully.

I was going to meet Alice at school to show her my new purse. Her mum bought her everything she wanted. It was our first day at secondary school. I wasn’t worried but Alice was. Her older sister was a trouble maker and told her all sorts of horrible lies. She said that first day is the worst. I went in 

feeling quite happy listening to my ipod (a gift from my dad at Christmas.) I saw Alice waiting by the school gates.

“Hey, Alice wait for me,” I screamed across the road.

I ran across the road to show her my purse. Alice said that she loved it. She phoned her mum to buy her that purse straight when she saw mine. We walked into school. I told her about how I told her things would be alright. She still thought things would go wrong. I thought she was being silly but I didn’t know what was going to happen next. That was when we saw the gang. The people who started the bullying.

Let me tell you a bit about them. There was 3 of them. Well main ones. There was 5 altogether but the other 2 are not  really that important in the bullying. They normally stood in the back and said yeah.

First is Leanne. A year 10 girl quite tough. She had long black with white streaks. She had dark black lip stick and a nose piercing. She had her ears pierced and had large studs. She was smoking and you could smell it. She lived in care homes all over the area and was always running away. She lived in the streets at the moment or with a friend sometimes. Her mum and dad were like her. Mean, nasty and horrible. Her parents were in jail but she saw them a lot. Her parents didn’t mind that she was mean. She was always wearing a dark black t-shirt with a blood stain. She was the worst one then.

Second was Harry. He was a tough guy in year 8. He was on the school restling team and boxing. He had his head shaved in the middle and on his arm he had a tattoo that said. “Go past me and you’re dead.” He was quite scary as he had a bad background. He lived on the streets and learnt to be tough. He needed to be to survive. He now lives in a care home because they found out about him having no home. He is quite tall about 6foot 3. He was one of the people who had lots of friends as people were scared of him.

The other one was Annie. A year 12 girl. Had dark blonde hair and red streaks. She was dangerous! She wasn’t the major bully but she had a “I love blood red” tattoo.

They were inside the gate and we were outside. Me and Alice walked in and I listened to my Ipod (it was actually an iphone. That was probably what made them jealous.) Me and Alice walked in slowly. The group saw me listening to my ipod and saw all my designer things. They walked up to me and Alice got scared.

“Why is that scary group of people coming towards us,” Alice asked.

I told her I didn’t know and that we should act natural. Alice ran away as she was scared. The bullies came up to me and I was scared. I didn’t know what would happen. Was Alice right? Where bad things going to start happening to me? I thought that they were going to walk past and look at someone else. Though I could see them walking towards me. I went backwards but they walked quickly forwards.


“Why are you walking away from us? Are you afraid of us or something?” asked Leanne.

“Um….. No I am not afraid of….” I said before I got cut of.

They pushed me against the wall. The same wall I am pushed to every single day. They punched me ,kicked me and made They even stole my ipod. They tried to still my purse they saw earlier but I let Alice borrow it.They were bullies. Mainly Leanne was a bully. The other four talked a bit.

When she let go of me, I tried running into school. They were too fast for me. They caught me and kicked me to the floor.

“That was easy, geek,” chuckled Harry evilly.

I was a beautiful girl with long hair and nice eyes but I had glasses. My parents (well my mum. I tried getting some from my dad but my mum says they are stupid things and .) Couldn’t afford to get me contacts. I wore geeky ones. People at my old school as a joke would call me a geek. I would laugh as they said it in a funny way and weren’t being mean. The bullies meant it in a horrible way and were being mean. The also meant to.

“Yeah geek. Going to run back home to your mummy?” Leanne laughed.

I tried running into school again but Annie stepped on my foot. Then she let go but they all came closer to me.

They saw my t-shirt. It was from holister. They seemed really jealous of me.

“Hey nice top (sarcasam). Where did you get it Pound shop?” she asked in a mean way.

The bullies then asked me about my jeans and threw my shoes across the fence. Luckily I had a spare pair in my bag for running. They said lots of rude things about my socks and how I was a daddy’s girl as he bought me all this stuff. They called me a B**** and other stuff.

They punched my lip and put me in a corner.

“Are you afraid daddy’s girl?” Leanne asked as they crowded around me.

 I got up and Leanne punched my lip, my nose and whole face. I had a serious nose bleed and I fell to the floor. I tried getting up and I managed to. Though they were still there. They punched me again and I had a bruised leg. It was in so much pain. Then they all threw me in the rubbish bin. I cut myself on glass and blood was all down my leg.

“Oh I guess you do get your clothes from the rubbish bin. That is why they are so dirty. Well bye bye , daddy’s little girl,” said Leanne.

They walked away into the school building. I was just left hurt and sad in the rubbish bin. I couldn’t get up and me leg felt broken. It was pain All over me.

No one I know actually knows what it is like to be bullied. Some people know what it is like to be hurt once and never again but not bullied. Like Alice was hurt once by them with me but then they asked her round Leanne’s house and that changed her. I don’t know the full story but she said the day she joined there side. Her exact words were: I am leaving our “friendship group” because you are like a social death trap and give me trampy presents. These guys are way cooler and gave me an iphone.

You know bullying hurts. It brings a lot of pain. It was at first happy one minute and all this pain comes the next. I lived a normal life one day and then all these harsh words came to me. I just wanted a normal life again. I do realise no life is normal but back to how it was.

You know what hurts the most? It isn’t just bullying but the when the bullying started no one helped me. I had a friend then. One friend! Not even she helped me. She just ran away from everything. She wasn’t in the real world. She didn’t think about facing any challenges life had to give. She is now the bully and hurts me. She was nice before but her not helping me I should have seen something.

I lied alone in that bin. The same one I am behind today…

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