Blurb: Nicola just wants to escape the harsh realitys of the real world. She has nothing good happen to her. She wants something happy to happen. She speaks to her dad who she hardly ever sees who helps her but also in the end gives her a big oppatunity.


3. abuse

After the bullying , I did my normal every day routine. Went to the nurse and got my self checked out (She is a bit worried about me. Well I am there everyday.)

Went to my classes. Got bullied again. Then I carried on with a normal day. I take art normally on a Tuesday. I take all my pain, anger and sadness to make a pictures. I am a good artist is what my art teacher says.  You know art can sometimes take some of my pain away. Here is my picture:

I think about shapes and colours to express my feeling. I think about everything that has happened in my life. No one knows what it is like to be me. I have had to deal with loads of different things in my life.

I started walking home at 4:05. I was doing an after school club that day. I take an after school amateur art class. We have to stay every day this week as we have a gallery.

 I was halfway home when I realised something. I had forgot to wash the dishes this morning I was going to be in so much trouble. I know you must be thinking it is just dishes you won’t be in trouble. You just had so much school work to do. I did but it isn’t the point. I have a secret. A big one. I can only put it here.

Remember me talking about my step dad. He isn’t perfect or nice. He abuses me. Just imagine that one day I don’t pack his lunch. He would scream at me and punch me.

I walked as slowly as I could home. I was scared. My heart was beating faster and faster.

I got home at 4:35. I opened the door. I tip toed into my house hearing my stepdad in the kitchen writing something for work. I put one foot on the stairs.

“Nicola! Come here right this minute!” He screamed.

I walked into the room and saw him with an empty bottle of wine in his hand.

“Um… Where is my mum?” I asked.

“Her work aren’t letting her go home till 5:00. That isn’t important. What is though is you not doing the dish,” My dad said angrily.

“I had to much home work yesterday. I had 3 pieces for today so I had to do them all,” I replied in a scared voice.

“No excuses!” he screamed, “You know what happens when you don’t do the dishes!”

He started beating me and punching me. I had a big bruise on my shoulder. It was hard to think his 6 year old girl was up in her room and soon he would be a dad with my mum so my half-sister.

He stopped hurting me after 15 minutes. He went back to writing his report for work. I went up to my room slowly because of all the pain in my body. I slammed the door shut and started to cry. Why did my life had to be like this?

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