Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


4. The First Letter

The only problem that dawned on me, was how was I going to get the location of Niall since he's on tour and always moving? But that was a challenge I was willing to take. Then it hit me again. My parents never said that I couldn't talk to the other boys of the band. So I decided to text Harry and ask him that where ever they were going to next, to give me the address of their hotel. So when they arrived, Niall could have something to look forward to, besides living his dream of course. I explained the situation to Harry and he gladly agreed to give me the information I demanded. Harry was the second boy I was closest to, besides Niall obviously. Harry was like the brother I never had and preferred much more than the one I have. Ha, sorry not sorry. Since Niall and his mates will still be a few hours away for a few more days, I decided to write the first letter. I grabbed some paper and my favorite pen and began to write:

Dearest Niall,

Hi, my prince. I miss you like you have no idea. I miss waking up to your texts telling me how much you love me. I miss those texts I get in the middle of class reminding me how beautiful I am. I miss being able to hear you laugh and see you smile. I miss your scent of your faded cologne. I miss your arms wrapped around me engulfing me into your big "Horan Hugs". I miss our movie nights we had when you didn't have a show to perform. I miss those big blue eyes of yours looking at me the way they do before you kiss me. This list can go on. I just basically miss all of you and your little things that you come with. Life is a littler harder not being able to at least hear your voice. Honestly, I have no idea how my parents think not talking to you will help me "focus on my studies". In all truth, it will make them harder because I will think about you more than I already did while I "focus on my studies". I swear my parents are stupid. Anyway, I will be sending frequent letters to you while you're on tour so you have a little something special to look forward to when you arrive in a new area. Hopefully my parents don't find out, or I will be D E A D. Well, I should probably stop writing before my tears dampen the paper. I love and miss you lots.

Your Princess,

Macie <3

P.S.  Here are my kisses that I bet you miss so much. - I apply some lip gloss and kiss the corner of the paper multiple times.

I folded the paper into thirds and placed it inside an envelope. I then wrote mine and the address of Niall's hotel on the envelope and licked the seal and stuck it down. I found a pile of stamps and stuck one in the top right corner. I took the envelope and placed it in my bag to drop off at the mailbox down the street.

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