Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


3. "Letters."

*Beep, beep, beep, beep* My eyes fluttered open to take a view at my alarm clock. Ew, 6:30 in the morning. That only means one thing. School. Or as I like to call it, hell, torture, just a waste of my time. I grabbed my phone, just like I always do when I wake up. Oh yeah...no text from Niall. I'd completely forgotten I'm not allowed to see him, unfortunately until now. I finally got myself out of bed and took a shower. Due to my mood, today was a lazy day. I blow-dried my hair a little and threw it up into a messy - but perfect - bun. I threw on my PINK yoga pants, a slightly lose - but fitted - tshirt and my Nikes. I did my makeup light today, I wasn't in the mood to do my normal routine. I dragged myself downstairs and made some toast while waiting for the bus. After constant begging and persuasion, my parents still would NOT buy me a car. C'mon, I'm 18. What 18 year old doesn't have a car? Oh, yeah. Me! I heard large footsteps come down the stairs hoping it wouldn't be my dad. Wasn't in much of the mood to see him this early in the day. Once the large thuds stopped I looked up to only realize it was only my older brother, Jeff. He normally wasn't home often, but since he's in college, and college is over, he's home. Oh what great joy. "Oh, its only you," I snapped. "Well good morning to you too, Mace," he said sarcastically. Jeff opened the fridge and groped the orange juice carton and started to take big gulps. "Gross," I hissed. "Seriously? You've known me long enough to the point where you should expect me to do this." "You could take a glass at least," I scoffed. He rolled his eyes, "I bet Niall acts the same way as me." Now I rolled my eyes from his comment, "yeah but at least he was polite and didn't act that way around me." Suddenly, my face dropped from the sound of Niall's name. "Sorry," Jeff croaked, "mom and dad told me what hap-" "Yeah, id rather not talk about it." I looked out the window and saw the bus turn the corner. "I gotta go, have a good day, Jeff." "You too, Macie." I walked out the door popping in a piece of gum since I didn't have time to brush my teeth. The bus stopped and opened its doors to let me in. I got on and found a seat. Somehow  I managed to sit in the same seat everyday, not that I complained. I put my earbuds in and played my favorite playlist. Just my luck, I forgot that some of Niall's songs were on this playlist. Some were songs he wrote and recorded himself, just for me. My favorite song he wrote for me was called "My Princess". Tears swelled in my tear ducts, my face becoming tense from holding back my tears. Before I knew it, the bus pulled up to the school and dropped everyone off. I have a long day ahead of me. *Last class of the day* Just five more minutes till that bell rang and I can go home. Those five minutes were the longest five minutes of my life. The bell finally rang and snapped me out of my practical trance. "Macie," my teacher spoke. "Yeah?" "Are you alright?" "What?" Did my mood really show that much on my face? "Oh. Yeah, life just decided to throw a curve ball, that's all." "I understand. I hope everything works out. Sometimes when times are tough I write all my feelings out to help ease stress," my teacher informed me. "Oh...thanks, Ms. Welch. I'll see you tomorrow." As I walked out of her room it hit me. Letters. I can keep in touch with Niall by writing secret letters to him. Perfect.

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