Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


8. "Just for a walk."

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but here ya go! :)


Macie's POV

This week was finally over and the weekend was here. Today was really nice for a Saturday, the past few haven't been that great. I thought that I would take a walk on over to the post office to see if Niall has written back. I hop in the shower real quick and then get dressed. I pick out a light washed pair of jeans - which I cuffed the bottoms, a light hoodie and my white converse. I grab my messenger style brown, faux leather bag and head downstairs. "Where do you think you're going?" Jeff scowled. He crossed his arms trying to make himself look tough, wasn't really working. "Just for a walk," I reply, "it's nice outside." He gave me a look as if I was up to something, ha, psh, no I wasn't. "Mhkay, Mace. But be home by 11:30, mom and dad want to go out for brunch." Ohh, fun. Brunch with the fam. "Okay." I walk out of the front door, closing it behind me. It was about 10am at the moment, an hour and a half is perfect.


I finally arrive at the post office and head straight to the P.O. boxes. I scan all the boxes up and down hoping to find mine. Ah ha! There it is! I slid the key into the lock and unlocked it. Inside, was an envelope laying ever so peacefully. Right up until the moment I snatched it out, small wrinkles forming on the envelope. I lock the box back up and observe the envelope. It's from him. Niall. I quickly exit the post office and tear the letter open. My name was neatly written on the folded piece of paper.  I unfold it and read every word that was written. I'm so happy to hear from Niall and that he's doing well, but it makes me so sad knowing I cant see him until at least I graduate. Which wasn't for about a month. I fold the letter back up and place it in my bag.

I walk a few blocks before hearing a familiar sound that brought back so many memories. The ice cream truck. Where I live, it doesn't matter how warm or cold it was, or even what time it was. As long as the sun was shining and the birds were chirping, that truck did some business.

I managed to dig a few dollars out of my bag. The truck passes and I lifted my arm to signal them to stop. I examine all the options that stuck to the side. "Mhh, I'll take uhhh," I pondered one last time before making my final decision, "I'll have the snickers ice cream bar." Mmm I love snickers, one of my favorite candy bars. The young girl handed me my change, she looked about a year younger than me, 17. "Hey, aren't you dating Niall Horan?" she asked with excitement. A smile appeared across my face, " yes I am, why?" "Oh my gosh! I think you two are just the CUTEST couple. You're def my OTP!"  Just by the way she talked I could tell she was a fangirl. I let out a laugh as I thanked her. She surprisingly asked for a picture, most people don't do that. We took our picture as she waved to me as she drove off.

I finished walking home, enjoying my ice cream and thinking about what just happened. As odd as it was, no one really knew who I was. Hello, international teen-sensation's girlfriend over here. But I didn't really mind that not many were fully aware yet. It made mine and Niall's relationship a bit more personal. *sigh* Niall. Damn I missed that boy.

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