Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


1. How it All Began

"A MASSIVE thank you for all of you coming out to the concert tonight! You guys are great, we don't know what we would do without you! Thanks for supporting us no matter what! We love you with all of our hearts, we cant thank you enough!" Niall spoke to the crowd. That was it. It was the end of the Take Me Home concert I attended, but maybe not. "Excuse me, miss," a man said behind me. It was Paul, one of the boys' bodyguard's. "Can I help you?" I spoke. "Could you come with me, dear?" Whoa, whoa, whoa. WHOA. Why in the world would Paul want me to go with him? My best friend, Channel, nudged me with her elbow to snap me out of it. "Oh, sorry," I began, "where will I be going? I have a curfew to aware you." "Well, he wanted it to be a surprise, but Niall wanted to have a word with you. He said you caught his eye in the crowd tonight," Paul stated. What the hell? Niall spotted me? Me? Out of all the pretty girls in the arena, me? Channel elbowed me again ordering me to go. "Dude, it's Niall Horan, you LOVE him. GO!" she whispered. I eyed her a "fine, I'll go" look. "Right this way, miss," Paul said leading me the way. "I'll meet you by the car, Macie!' Channel shouted.  *Backstage* "Niall," Paul choked out. Niall turned around from talking to the other members of the band, "Excuse me, lads." Niall's crystal blue eyes instantly widened due to my presence. "You're here," he whispered. "Aight guys, you can leave now, " Niall said shooing everyone out. "Yep," I said emphasizing the 'P'. "Here have a seat." Niall pulled a folding chair from behind a curtain, two actually, one for him as well. "What's your name, love?" "M-Macie," I squeaked. "Macie," he took a deep breath as if he never heard that name before, "such a pretty name for a pretty girl." My cheeks began to warm from his comment. "Thanks." I fiddled my thumbs due to my nervousness. Niall was just looking at me, taking my presence in. "Sooo, why exactly am I here?" "Right," his accent seemed a litter thicker, also shaky, ha did I make him nervous? "I know this sounds super cliché, but the moment I saw you I got this feeling. This feeling of passion, love a-a-and-" I cut him off, "butterflies?' I chuckled. "Yes!" We both laughed. God I loved his laugh, everything about him was perfect. "So, Macie. I was wondering if tomorrow night, since I don't have a performance, if you would like to go grab some coffee?" My lips formed into a genuine smile, "I'd love to." 'Great! Meet me up a the Starbucks near Foreland Highway around 1." "Ok, great! Well, I have curfew to make, I'll see you tomorrow, Niall." "Bye, Macie. See you tomorrow." The way he said my name gave me butterflies, just like when he said he saw me. And from that coffee date on, we were a thing. #Miall the fans called it, they "shipped it so hard".

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