Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


6. "His smile was beautiful."

I opened my bedroom door as I bumped into my dad. "Mace? What are you doing up so early?" "Uhh w-what are you doing up so early?" I shot back. "I asked you first." My mind searched for an answer, "oh I'm just going to walk to school and meet up with a teacher. Ya know, gotta 'focus on my studies'," I said with a fake laugh. My eyes wandered hoping he would buy my story. He cocked his eyebrow as if he almost didn't believe what I was saying. "Mhhkay. Whatever. Have fun," he said patting my head. He must have been too tired to care. I made my way to the front door and headed to the post office. Luckily, it was open twenty-four-seven so I didn't have to wait for it to open up. I walk in and head to the service desk. "Hi, miss. How can I help you?" a lady asked, well actually it was Marissa according to her name tag. "Uh, hi. I was wondering how can I make a P.O. box." "Well, you've come to the right place, my dear," she spoke. She walked a short distance to grab a pamphlet with information regarding information about the P.O. box. "So we have many different options," she began. "Could I just have the most basic one, please?" "Sure thing! I just need you to fill out this small form with the required information, and I will get everything set up for you." "Thank you." I grabbed a pen and filled everything out, lucky enough, you had to be eighteen or older, if you were younger than that, you needed parental permission. I handed the filled out slip to Marissa, "here you go." She nodded her head in thanks. "Ok, here is your key. I have written what box number is yours. The boxes are located over there," she said pointing a ways. "And here is the address to which people will send you your mail," she added. I formed a small smile and thanked her and walked out. As I walked out, it dawned on me that I never put Niall's letter in the mailbox near my house. Duh, Macie, you're at a post office, I thought to myself. I placed Niall's letter in the mailbox. Shit. It was 8am and school started in half an hour. It took at least 45 minutes to get back to school. I picked up my speed and walked to school as fast as I could, occasionally doing a small jog. *40 minutes later* Phew. Made it to school with five minutes to spare. "Macie?" I heard my name behind me. "Oh, hey Channel," I said out of breath. "Did you just run a marathon?" she asked jokingly. "Uhh no. I missed my bus and I had to walk here, you know me, not the best person at being on time." Of course I lied. I wasn't ready to tell Channel about the whole Niall thing just yet. "Oh, ok. Well, the homeroom bell is about to ring, ill see you later, Mace." "See ya." Channel and I have been slowly drifting apart. I mean, we still talked and stuff, but not like how we used to, know what I mean? Ever since spring break in April, she suddenly found a way to connect with the "popular girls". Channel and I were never really the "popular" type. In fact, she absolutely hates those kid of people. I don't know why she insists upon hanging out with them. I guess I was happy for her, but she just isn't the same anymore. *end of the day* Today was one of those lazy days. Again. I cannot wait for high school to be over with. I take my iPhone out of my back pocket of my jeans and noticed a text from Harry. It read, "Macie, Niall is talking about you nonstop! He misses you like crazy! He finally smiled, his smile was one we haven't seen in a while!" With the text was a picture attached. It was a picture of Niall. He was opening my letter. His smile was beautiful.

I replied: He got it already!? That's crazy! I sent it this morning! My mind is so blown right now.

Harry: I guess so! He said your letter made his day. He constantly stares at the most recent picture of you two. He even falls asleep staring at it.

Me: He's so adorable. God, I miss him SO much. Oh! I got a P.O. box so my parents don't find out about the letters.

I text Harry all the information Niall needed in order to write back. I cant wait to receive a letter form him. My phone buzzed with another text from Harry, "Niall is writing you a letter at this very moment." A smile crossed my lips. I loved Niall so much. He is everything I ever dreamed of in a boy and more. He's my everything, he's my prince.

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