Letters to Him (discontinued)

wasn't really sure what to write anymore. so please read my new one "Macie" :)


7. His Letter

Niall's POV

Receiving this letter from Macie made me so happy. But also sad not knowing I wont be able to see her for a long while. I grab some paper and a pen and start writing Macie's letter.

Dearest Macie,

Hi, princess. I miss you lots. God, I cant even describe how good it is to hear from you. I love you. Tour has been great so far. All the boys are doing great as well. Well you know Harry is since you talk to him like everyday. I miss talking to you everyday. :( I wish I was with you right now, cuddling you in my arms. We'd be wrapped in that giant, fuzzy blanket we always use. I just want to lace my fingers with yours as we would talk about the most random things. I want to give you forehead kisses, cheeks kisses, neck kisses, just kisses. I know you're waiting for the perfect moment, and I cant wait for that perfect moment, but I wish I could make passionate and sweet love to you. I just want to be with you so much. I miss you so fucking much, baby. I hope you're doing well. Write back as soon as you can. Stay beautiful.

Your Prince,

Niall <3

"Guys! Where are the stamps!?" I shout. "Mate, I don't know!' Louis shouts. "Here," Paul says handing me a stamp. I nod my head in thanks. "And to think if I didn't pull her out of the arena before she left, you two wouldn't be together," Paul smirked. I formed a small smile and laughed a little. "You guys look good together." "Thanks," I smiled. He was right. If he didn't go grab Macie that night, we wouldn't be together. I wouldn't know her like I do now. She would have just been that beautiful girl I saw in the audience that night. But now, she changed my life. I can stop now. I can stop searching for my princess because I finally found the most perfect girl ever. I never want to lose her.

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