Little Things - A Niall Horan Imagine -Complete-

"I was just a normal girl with normal friends, normal teenage problems and a normal family. Or I don’t know if I would call my family normal. My parents we’re divorced. My little brother and I lived by my mom. Our parents fought a lot... I had no idea my live was about to change."


2. Niall

They gave me a microphone and pushed me up on the stage. All the boys looked at me and my face turned red. I was shy. They all smiled at me and Little Things started playing.

Louis: ‘Come and sing with us!’
He ran over to me and hugged me. We walked to the other boys and Zayn started singing. The boys were very surprised when I sang the backup vocals. I was actually pretty good at singing.

Niall: ‘Sing this with me!’
It was his solo. I walked up beside him and sang it. He turned his head and looked into my eyes. ‘…Like I love you’ I looked down on the ground. His eyes were perfect blue. He righted my head and smiled to me. And that was the moment I fell in love with him. I didn’t choose it, it just happened. I had no feelings for Harry at all, even though he had always been my favorite. I couldn’t move or breathe. I just stood there, staring at Niall. He ran his hand through his golden hair and blushed when he noticed me. He was just perfect. I woke up when the boys ran towards me and gave me a group hug. I closed my eyes, hoping it would last forever. ‘Nice meeting you!’ they all shouted as Niall followed me backstage.

Niall: ‘I was thinking… can I get your number? Maybe we could hang out someday?’
His Irish accent was so cute. He handed me a pen. My hands were shaking, but I managed taking it and writing my number on a little note. He put it in his pocket and smiled.
Niall: ‘I got to run… concert you know?’
I laughed a bit and said goodbye. He ran back on stage and I could hear everyone scream louder than before. My heart was beating so fast right now. I cupped my face in shock. Suddenly everything went black…

*Next day*

I woke up in my bed. I had a headache. I rubbed my eyes. What had happened?... There was a knock on the door and I watched as my mom came in with a bowl of hot soup. Oh, I was so hungry! I sat up with my duvet around me.

Mom: ‘How are you honey?’
You: ‘I’m fine, but what happened?’
M: ‘I don’t know… A guy and Rosie came with you’
Y: ‘A guy…? Who?’
My mom looked up trying to remember his name.
M: ‘Sorry honey, I forgot’ She smiled at me and told me to eat some soup and stay in bed today.
I called Rosie when she left the room.

Rosie: ‘Y/N! How are you?!...’ She sounded like I was close to dying.
Y: ‘Calm down! I’m fine, I just don’t remember what happened?... And my mom talked about some boy who brought me home with you?’ I was so confused. She started whining and I removed the phone from my ear. I waited some time and it was over.
R: ‘First, we were at a One Direction concert yesterday and your twitter question appeared on the screen. You sang with One Direction on stage. Niall told me, he spoke with you backstage. Suddenly you just passed out… Second, yes she was talking about Niall. He saw you fall and when the concert was over he drove us home. He’s such a gentleman!’
Y: ‘That can’t be true!’ I felt my heart beat faster and faster. I remembered a few things - going to a concert, screaming girls and One Direction on a stage. I remembered Naill’s laugh. I didn’t even remember Harry’s…!? He’s my favorite, right? Strange… The rest of Rosie’s story had to be a lie. I think I would remember if one of the boys drove me home!!
R: ‘But it is!...’ She was close to whining again. I hang up, and fell asleep.

I woke up when my brother came in and jumped in my bed. He had been at dad’s house all weekend. He had no idea what had happened. He didn’t even know about the concert.

Y: ‘DAVID! Go away! I have a headache and I’m trying to sleep!...’ He could be so annoying sometimes. I pushed him and he landed on the ground. I jumped out of my bed and over to him. He started crying. I didn’t want to hurt him… He was just so annoying. I hugged him.
Y: ‘I’m sorry David. I’m just a bit tired and need to sleep.’
David: ‘It’s ok. Sorry… Goodnight’ He smiled at me and I dried away the tear that was rolling down his cheek. He ran to the door and I giggled a bit. He was only 7 years old.

I got a shock when my phone suddenly vibrated. I picked it up.

Y: ‘Hello?’
Niall: ‘Hey, it’s Niall. Is this Y/N?’

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