Little Things - A Niall Horan Imagine -Complete-

"I was just a normal girl with normal friends, normal teenage problems and a normal family. Or I don’t know if I would call my family normal. My parents we’re divorced. My little brother and I lived by my mom. Our parents fought a lot... I had no idea my live was about to change."


8. In love

*Niall's POV*

I'd been waiting for hours when she finally woke up. It was getting late. "Hey princess" I smiled and sat beside her. "Umm.. Hey" she yawned. "What are you doing here?" she looked up at me wondering. "You don't remember me, do you?" I looked at the ground as tears startet forming in my eyes. "No... Should I?" She said hesitantly. "Yes, Yes you should! I'm your god damn boyfriend!" I ran my hands through my hair. "I'm pretty sure I would remember if I had a boyfriend!" she giggled. "You think this is funny?! You've lost your memory!" I looked her in the eyes and saw the fear. I scared her. "Sorry princess" I sighed "I'm just a bit frustrated" My eyes was closing. I was tired. "Hey if you're tired... you can sleep here" Y/N suggested. "Really? But you just told me, you don't remember me..." I was a bit confused, but my eyes brightened. "Yes, but I believe you. You seem nice and I like you" she giggled and made space for me in the bed. I smiled wide and laid up against her. She took my arm and wrapped it around her. I couldn't stop smiling and I planted a kiss on her cheek. I could feel her smiling while my lips touched her cheek.

It was like a chance to fall in love with her all over again. "Could you maybe sing a song for me?" She whispered half asleep. "Sure!" I knew exactly what song to sing. "Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me..." I started. "Wow, you have an amazing voice! You should join the X-factor or something like that!" She turned around and smiled at me. I just smiled back "Yes, maybe I should" She'd already forgotten the conversation she had with Louis ealier. I liked it this way. She didn't know anything about One Direction or the fame and she still loved me. It was never because of the fame, I know that now. I continued singing. "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you..." suddenly she opened her eyes wide. "I know that song!" She smiled and sang the next line. "Where did you hear it?!" maybe she did remember something!"I don't know I just remember it!" "That's great! I sang it to you when you were unconscious. "What?! That means I remember some things!" she sat up and called for the doctor. "Good evening Miss Y/L/N, What's wrong?" He was standing by the door. "This boy just sang a song and I remembered it!" she looked at me and smiled. Dr. Martin looked at me and I sent him an awkward smile. "Mr Horan? What are you doing in Y/Ns bed?" He folded his arms. I jumped out and sat on the chair again. "Nothing..." It wasn't allowed to sleep with the patients. Y/N giggled which caused me to giggle too. Dr Martin sighed and walked out.

*Your POV*

I really liked this boy. He was so nice and caring. His eyes... they were amazing, just like his voice. I felt butterflies in my stomach every time he touched me. Maybe he's right, maybe I am his girlfriend. "Sorry, I called for the doctor while you were in my bed... we're lucky it's Dr Martin! He's always kind" I didn't know it wasn't allowed to sleep with people in the hospital... "It's okay princess!" He giggled and caressed my hair. I blushed. His irish accent was so cute. Even though I'd only known him one day I was deeply in love with him. I didn't know anything about him, but I felt like I didn't need to... I felt like I knew him, though I didn't. "Can I sleep by your side again?" He looked me in the eyes as I blushed. He smiled and blushed too. "Yes of course!" I felt my heart beat faster. He lay down behind me. "Godnight babe, I love you" he said with his cute accent. "Goodnight!" I just answered. I wasn't ready to say 'I love you' yet. I mean I'd only known him one day!...

He was gone when I woke up. I already missed him! It was kind of funny, I didn't even know his name...


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