Little Things - A Niall Horan Imagine -Complete-

"I was just a normal girl with normal friends, normal teenage problems and a normal family. Or I don’t know if I would call my family normal. My parents we’re divorced. My little brother and I lived by my mom. Our parents fought a lot... I had no idea my live was about to change."


4. His ex...?


*Your POV*

We hadn't talked in a week. I was a bit worried. What if he didn't like me anymore? What if he had forgotten about me... I showered to clear my mind. It was great. I wanted to talk to Niall, but I didn't want to sound desperate. My brother knokcked on the door to the bathroom.

David: 'I need to go to the bathroom!' He kept knocking. louder and louder.
You: 'I'm almost done, just one second...'

I took a towel and wrapped it around my wet body. It was cold. I opened the door and walked out. David ran to the toilet and asked me to close the door behind me. I laughed and closed it. As i walked over to my closet to find some clothes my phone rang. I got a shock and my heartbeat went crazy. Maybe it was Niall! I dropped my clothes and ran to my phone. I looked at the caller ID and smiled.

Y: 'Hello'
N: 'Hey, it's Niall. Sorry I haven't called you... I've been a bit bussy' Just hearing his voice made me happy.
Y: 'It's okay' I didn't really know what to say.
N: 'Can we meet in the park later?' He sounded nervous.
Y: 'Yeah, sure!' I knew I sounded a bit to excited, but I couldn't control it...

He hang up and I rushed to my closet and found my favorite jeans and a green top. Green was my favorite colour. I felt the butterflies in my stomach again. They always appeared when I talked to Niall. I went downstairs and took my sneakers. I always wore them, no matter where I was going.

D: 'Where are you going, sis?' David stood on the stairs.
Y: 'Just to the park. Meeting a friend there' I smiled and felt the butterflies. He looked at me like he was happy to see me smile that way.
D: 'Okay. See you later then' He smiled wide.

I grabbed Nialls jacket before I walked out. He didn't get it last time we met. I'd been wearing it every day. It smelled like him. I loved it, and it was nice to have when I missed him, which was all the time.

Niall sat on a bench and waited for me. He smiled and got up when he saw me. His smile was just perfection and his hair... I don't even know what to say he was just perfect. I began to walk faster. He gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek when we met. I blushed as I always do. How could one guy be so sweet? Was I dreaming. I hope not! I looked up at him. His eyes met mine.

N: 'I've missed you so much!' He hugged me again. I closed my eyes and we stood there for minutes just hugging each other. He was so warm and he smelled nice. I remembered the jacket.
Y: 'Oh, here's your jacket' I took it off and gave it to him. 'You forgot it last time we met...'
N: 'It suited you! Keep it' He handed it to me.
Y: 'Are you sure?'
N: 'Of course!' His accent was so cute. I blushed even more. 'So what do you want to do?'
Y: 'I don't know...' I stared into his sea blue eyes. He smiled, blushed and looked away. 'Whatever you want to'
N: 'Well... then we can get some food, go to my place and watch a movie' He pulled me closer to him. 'Only if you want to...?'

I smiled, of course I wanted to! I nodded and he took my hand. My fingers intertwined with his as we walked to Nandos. Just like last time, he ordered loads of food. We went to his place, which he shared with the other members of One Direction. I was so excited to meet them! I know i'd hadn't.

'HEEEYY!! Y/N' Louis shouted the minute we walked in.
Y: 'Hey Louis' He gave me hug and moved so the other boys could say hello to me too. They were all very kind.
'Hey love' Liam said. He smiled and gave me a hug too. I was pretty sure we were going to be great friends.
'Hello beautiful' It was obviously Harry. He smiled and then looked at Niall who was sending him an evil stare. I giggled and kissed Niall on his cheek. I'd always dreamed about meeting Harry, but now when I was with Niall I didn't care that much anymore. Niall was all I wanted.
Zayn wasn't there. I think Niall said he was out with Perrie. I was a huge Little Mix fan, so I hoped to meet her soon.

I followed Niall to his room. It was huge. He had not only one room, but 5! It was like they had an apartment each, but they were just all put together in one big house. Nialls room was quite messy. We sat on the bed. He lay down and I cuddeled up close to him. We forgot the movie, but I didn't mind. I loved this. Just me and him.

N: 'You are so beautiful' My head was resting on his chest. I giggled and looked up at him.
Y: 'I'm in love with you, and all your little things' He lauged and we kissed.

I got on top of him and he held his hands on my waist. He rolled over, so he was lying on top of me. He smiled in the kisses which made me smile too. I moaned a bit. So did he. I was on top of him again and he took of my top. Things were happening a bit to fast, so I pulled back. I really wanted him, but not now. I saw the disappointment in his face and felt bad. Was it the wrong think to say stop?

*Nialls POV*

I wanted her so bad right now. I loved her. She was so beautiful, funny and just perfect. I was so proud to call her mine. I took off her top when she pulled back. I was a bit disappointed, but it was okay. If she didn't want to, I was not going to force her at all.
Y: 'Sorry Niall, but not now' She looked at me and sent me a weak smile. I just smiled back.
N: 'It's okay Y/N. If you don't want to, we're not going to do it' I knew we would meet again soon.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Before we could answer, a thin and blond haired girl walked in. 'Hey Nialler! Oh... Who's that?! I thought you were with me?' It was my ex. I glanced at her at told her to get the fuck out of my house. She just laughed. Y/N was obviously confused...


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