Little Things - A Niall Horan Imagine -Complete-

"I was just a normal girl with normal friends, normal teenage problems and a normal family. Or I don’t know if I would call my family normal. My parents we’re divorced. My little brother and I lived by my mom. Our parents fought a lot... I had no idea my live was about to change."


3. First kiss


I didn't know what to say. This couldn't be true. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating faster. So the things Rosie told me actually happened?!

N: 'Y/N, are you there?' He spoke with an irish accent. I felt butterflies grow in my stomach as I touched it.
Y: 'Y-yes, yes I'm here!' I struggled to get those words out.
N: 'Great. Wanna hang out today?' I could almost hear him smiling
Y: 'Sure, I'd love to!' I couldn't believe Niall Horan just called me! And wanted to hang out with me!?... We decided to meet later in the park not far away from my house.
N: 'I'll call you when I'm there' And then he hang up.
A huge smile appeared on my face as I ran to the bathroom to get ready.

N: 'Nice to see you!' He smiled wide and hugged me. His hug was warm and I could feel his heart beat.
Y: 'Nice to see you too!' Even though I didn't remember seeing him yesterday... I tried to act normal, but it wasn't easy. I mean he was Niall Horan! We walked in the park for a while. Just talking and laughing. After some time I wasn't nervous anymore. We decided to go to Nando's and get some food. He ordered tons of food and we talked and ate for hours. He was a really nice guy. We sat on a bench. His arm was wrapped around my neck and I was resting my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat. I felt safe.

It was getting late and I had to go home. Niall walked with me. It was getting cold and he gave me his jacket. I blushed and giggled a bit. He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. I stopped walking and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me.
N: 'wanna meet again soon?'
Y: 'Sure! I enjoyed spending the day with you' I smiled and looked into his sea blue eyes. I could see the happiness in them. He leaned into me and we had our first kiss. It was something special. My stomach hurt, but in a good way. I was the happiest girl on the planet. He bit his lip as he turned away. I giggled. His phone interrupted the moment by beeping. Niall found it in his pocket and read the text. His face turned sad.
N: 'Sorry Y/N but I gotta run' He kissed me on the cheek and ran. I looked down and realized I was still wearing his jacket.
Y: 'Niall, wait!' He couldn't hear me, he was too far away already. I walked home and sat in my room. I didn't do anything. I sat there thinking about what just happened. I touched my lips and closed my eyes, remembering the kiss.

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